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Participants compete in Glow Ball Golf Tournament

By Cpl. Brianna Christensen | | October 26, 2013


Participants battled cool temperatures and night skies for a chance to win the Glow Ball Golf Tournament held at the Marine Memorial Golf Course Oct. 25.

The event included an Oktoberfest meal, the tournament and concluded with awards.

The par three course was nine holes, dimly lit by neon lights at each hole and the lighted necklaces the participants wore.

“Tonight is just meant to be fun,” said Abbie Bachart, the tournament and catering coordinator. “It is a great way to get people familiar with the course without playing a serious game.”

Each player was given golf balls that light up when hit so they could be tracked in the dark.

“The tournament is played in teams of two,” said Bachart. “Each teammate will hit the ball and whichever lands the closest will be the one they use. It takes the pressure off of the players and makes it more fun.”

Playing the first nine holes is great for couples learning to play because it's less intimidating than the entire course, according to Bachart.

Laughter and cheers could be heard throughout the course as the neon golf balls soared in every direction.

“Me and my husband actually golf all the time, but in the dark it is a completely different game,” said Amber Wendt, a participant in the tournament. “You honestly can’t see anything, which in a way puts everyone on the same level.”

After the course the participants gathered to compare scores. The first place prize of new driver clubs went to Bryan Parker, a native of Baton rouge, La., and Luke Turner, a native of Blacksburg, Va., with a score of 24.

“We hold this tournament once a year and it’s always a fun time,” said Bachart. “We look forward to seeing the participants come out again next year.”