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Females now authorized to wear mens cap

By Public Affairs Office | | December 16, 2013


Female Marines are now authorized to wear the current male dress and service caps.

Females may wear the male caps, but are not required to own them until the mandatory possession date, which is May 1, 2017.

Female recruits and candidates will begin receiving the current male caps in their initial issue April 1, 2014.

Marine Corps systems command is engaged on improving the quality, fit and comfort of the existing male frame cap, which will now be known as the universal cap. The universal cap is projected to be issued to recruits and available at military clothing sales starting May 1, 2015.

Marines who have the current male service and dress cap will meet the minimum requirement and are not required to replace their caps with the universal cap until they are no longer serviceable.

For more information see MARADMIN 658/13.