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Wounded Warrior Regiment meets with caregivers during Marine Corps Trials

By Cpl. Trevon S. Peracca | | March 5, 2014


Over the past 10 years the Marine Corps has seen a rise in its wounded, ill and injured Marines. The Marine Corps Trials give these Marines an opportunity to gather in the spirit of competition to participate in a sport that they love.

These athletes have come from all over the world to compete in the trials in Camp Pendleton, Calif. Some athletes have brought their loved ones with them for moral and physical support.

Most will pay gratitude for the sacrifice made by these wounded, ill and injured Marines and sailors, but few recognize the significant contributions made by their loved ones. These caregivers are spouses, parents or loved ones that are by their side day-in and day-out, to assist with medical needs, provide moral support and aid in the activities of their Marine’s everyday life. These actions are often overlooked. Many do not realize that the injuries and illnesses of Marines also impact their families.

“I think the biggest impact for me, was me having to get out of the Air Force,” said Morgan E. S. Doty, the wife of a wounded Marine. “We weren’t able to get orders to a base that was near each other; it was then that I realized we had to reprioritize. It wasn’t worth it living apart anymore.”

Doty is a 28-year-old Air Force veteran from Fulton, Mo.

For the group of caregivers at the Marine Corps Trials, the Wounded Warrior Regiment organized a special luncheon that gave them a chance to meet and network with other caregivers that have struggled with the same hardships at the Wounded Warrior Hope and Care Center here March 4. This gave them a chance to talk with the commander and staff of the WWR about any problems they have experienced or are currently facing. The regiment also planned a spa day as a way to give back to the caregivers, which is scheduled to take place in Carlsbad, Calif., March 5.

During the luncheon, they provided information about Marine Corps Trials events and other information about the regiment.

For more information contact Capt. Ryan M. Powell at (703) 859-5364.