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Armed Forces Voters Week and Overseas Citizens Voters Week 30 June to 7 July 2014

By Camp Pendleton Public Affairs Office | | June 25, 2014

The votes were cast and counted.  The results would define the face of the nation.  With a count of 69 electoral votes, George Washington was unanimously elected as the 1st President of the United States.  This nation’s first presidential election was conducted from December 15, 1788 to January 10, 1789.  The United States consisted of 13 individual states, but only 10 would cast electoral votes.  Each elector would cast 2 votes.  The candidate receiving the most votes would become President.  The person receiving the next highest number of votes would become Vice President.  With a count of 34 electoral votes, John Adams became the first Vice President of the United States. Much has changed.  Much has remained the same.

Together we celebrate “Armed Forces Voters Week and Overseas Citizens Voters Week” beginning 30 June 2014.  MarAdmin 314/14 has charged all commands with increasing voter awareness and assisting all their eligible voters with the registration process.  For those first time voters and those not familiar with the registration process, here are the highlights:

- Each unit has a designated voting assistance officer

- Unit Voting Assistance Officers provide voters with a Federal Post Card Application and information specific to the voters home state

- The Federal Post Card Application is mailed to the voters home state 

- Voters will receive an absentee ballot in the mail within the established time parameters for voting in that specific state

- Absentee ballots are then completed and mailed back per the instructions contained in the ballot

As we collectively recognize and celebrate this year’s “Armed Forces Voters Week and Overseas Citizens Voters Week”, please take a moment and talk-up voting.  If you’re not registered to vote, please make it a priority so you can exercise your constitutional right to vote in this fall’s general election.  Further information on the voting registration process may be found atwww.fvap.gov or 760-763-8305.