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Marine Corps Tuition Assistance: Further Your Education Today

By Cpl. Keenan Zelazoski | Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton | January 9, 2015

The Marine Corps provides tuition assistance for eligible Marines to further their education.

Marines are able to apply on a first-come first-serve basis within 60 days of when their classes begin. Marines are able to spend up to $4,500 per fiscal year, but tuition assistance is closed out once the allotted money has been spent so it is encouraged that Marines apply as soon as possible each year.

“This is especially important in the Corps of today where Marines are transitioning out into a world that often times requires a degree of some sort for employment,” said Pat Jeffress, the education service officer and program manager with Marine Corps Community Services.

Some of the most notable changes in FY15 are the ability to enroll in two classes simultaneously using tuition assistance, and changes to the required grade-point-averages based on the degree being sought.

“It’s important that Marines are aware of these requirements,” said Jeffress. “This program is designed to help service members, but if they fail to meet the GPA requirements, they may have to pay out of pocket.”

Previously, Marines seeking an undergraduate degree received the funds as long as they received a D or higher overall score in their course, and those seeking a graduate degree were required to receive an overall grade of C or better. According to MARADMIN 687/14, the requirements are now a C or better and B or better respectively.

In addition to these requirements, a GT score of 100 or higher on the ASVAB is also required, but there is a way to waive this requirement.
“We provide a four-week course and if the Marine scores are high enough they can still be eligible to apply,” said Jeffress.

According to Jeffress, despite the entire application process being on the internet, it is strongly recommended that interested applicants ensure they are set up for success by arranging a meeting with one of the education counselors prior to applying.

Please contact the Joint Education Center at 760-725-6414 for more information.