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Find a Pet at the Camp Pendleton Animal Shelter

By Lance Cpl. Asia J. Sorenson | Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton | February 3, 2015

A variety of dogs, big and small, and cats are available for fostering and adoption at the Camp Pendleton Animal Shelter.

The shelter offers dogs for a one-time fee of $110 and cats for $85. The fee goes toward getting the animal spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and flea control.

People with children are encouraged to bring the whole family when selecting an animal and those with dogs are requested to bring their current pet in so that the animals can meet before the adoption is processed.

 “We just want to make sure the dogs get along and there won’t be any problems before the adoption takes place,” said Karyn Loy, the lead animal caretaker at the shelter.

The dogs and cats available at the shelter fluctuates frequently with the facility having room for a maximum of 28-30 dogs and 7-10 cats, though a large number of the shelter’s cats are hosted at an adoption center off-base.

“If someone comes in looking for a cat and we don’t have the right one for them, we send them there,” said Loy. “A lot of people on base want dogs, and we’ve been happy with the adoption rate for cats at the center.”

For people who want to help out, but aren’t looking for the long-term commitment of adoption, the shelter also accepts applications for foster homes. Foster animals range from litters of puppies and kittens too young for adoption to animals with stress or medical issues in need of a safe environment in which to recover before being adopted.

The shelter provides foster families with the food and supplies needed to care for any of their foster animals.

“We love the animals and want the best for them,” said Loy.

The Animal Shelter is located in the 25 Area, Bldg. 25132 and is responsible for protecting animal owners, non-owners and domestic animals aboard the base.

For an online look at what animals are available for adoption at the shelter, visit Petfinder.com and search ‘Camp Pendleton Animal Shelter’ under the ‘Find Pet Adoption Groups’ section.