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Bettering Our Community

By Lance Cpl. Asia J. Sorenson | Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton | February 27, 2015

Service members aboard Camp Pendleton can better themselves and their community through volunteer work.
The Single Marine Program and Volunteer and Skills Development Program provide local volunteer opportunities.
The Single Marine Program offers opportunities every month for single Marines and Sailors to volunteer. The most recent of these included a visit to the Rancho Vista Retirement Community.

“There are a lot of retired service members in the communities we visit, and it really makes them feel loved and appreciated when young service members come out,” said Danielle West, a Single Marine Program coordinator for Camp Pendleton. “They love to swap stories and find that connection. The Marines who volunteer get a lot out of it too. Getting a look into their future and reaffirming their pride in being a Marine.”

Upcoming Single Marine Program volunteer trips include a children’s physical education day with a local middle school on Feb. 20, visits to Stepp Stables and the Fairwinds Retirement Home on Feb. 25., and a visit to the Belmont Retirement Home on Feb. 26.
Those participating in these volunteer activities must provide their own transportation, unless stated otherwise on their activities calendar, and have a signed command permission slip. Early registration for these events is encouraged.
For a more expansive look at local volunteer opportunities there is the Volunteer and Skills Development Program. This program hosts both a database of organizations looking for volunteers as well as a questionnaire to help put prospective volunteers in touch with an organization that may interest them.

“Volunteering can help with both personal and professional goals,” said Candi E. Heinberger, the Volunteer and Skills Development Program coordinator, “Professionally, volunteering can help fill resume gaps, get internships and teach new skills. On a personal level, volunteering is a good way to network, if you’re new to the area or looking for new friends, and better your community.”
The program works with over 150 organizations and offers a variety of on-going and one-time volunteer opportunities with hours to suit any schedule.
For a list of the volunteer opportunities offered by both on and off base visit the Volunteer and Skills Development page on the Marine Corps Community Services Camp Pendleton website or contact Heinberger at (760) 725-3856.