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Camp Pendleton holds 101 Critical Days of Summer Safety Brief

By Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton Public Affairs | Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton | May 14, 2015


Camp Pendleton held a summer safety stand-down, May 14, to provide awareness training, information and to demonstrate safe practices on driving and summer recreational safety to Marines and Sailors on base.

The 101 Critical Days of Summer brief encouraged service members to keep their family’s safety and security in mind as they spend time together, participating in leisure travel and activities such as swimming, boating, sports and other events.

“Our mission is force preservation and our main focus is to continuously raise the awareness of our personnel so that we can prevent non-operational casualties from occurring,” said Jaime Rivadeneira, occupational safety and health supervisor. “Each and every Marine or Sailor is a valuable resource and they are what allows the Marine Corps to accomplish its missions.”

The 101 Critical Days of Summer begin on Memorial Day weekend and ends after Labor Day.

According to Gunnery Sgt. Monica Cervantes, base safety representative, during the months of July, August and September, 2014, there was a 20 percent increase in mishaps, with 27 DUIs that resulted in injury – two times the amount of DUIs throughout the rest of the year.

The training sought to provide Marines and Sailors with a better understanding on how to prevent injuries and accidents and to reduce the amount of casualties this summer.

“The same mishaps occur during the summer season, so we have to keep putting the message out there that help is available,” said Cervantes. “Our messages might not reach everybody but if it reaches a few people and those people spread the information then it will make a difference.”

The topics ranged from safety procedures for motorcycles, private motor vehicles, recreational vehicles, boats and miscellaneous watercraft, to preventing and treating heat injuries, lawn and garden tips and general household safety tips.

During the 101 Critical Days of Summer, the base safety office will continue to provide information on summer safety tips and guidelines.

For more information, please contact base safety hotline at 760-763-7233 or visit their website at http://www.pendleton.marines.mil/StaffAgencies/SafetyCenter.aspx