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Camp Pendleton hosts World Famous Mud Run

By Cpl. Shaltiel Dominguez | Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton | June 8, 2015

More than 6,000 racers participated in the opening day of the 2015 World Famous Mud Run here, June 6.

The Mud Run, open to authorized military and civilian participants, includes a 10k and a 5k option with hills, tire obstacles, river crossings, two 5-foot walls with mud on both sides, a tunnel crawl, a cargo net climb and a final 30-foot long mud pit. The series will also have a 1k kids’ Mud Run for children ages 4 to 12.

“It brings us closer to the military,” said Justin Gonzales, a 10k race participant. “I’ve driven past Camp Pendleton a lot but I’ve never been inside. I know it’s slightly similar to what they go through in basic training. It’s an incredible experience and it really helps us appreciate what Marines go through.”

More than 16,000 adults, 400 children and 32,000 spectators are expected to participate in the event held during the first two weekends of June.

The event emphasizes Marine Corps values of teamwork and endurance, especially during the team stages.

“The team stages require groups to finish together so it really emphasizes teamwork,” said Jill Prichard, race director. “The participants have to help each other during the obstacles and encourage and support each other throughout the race. Marines never leave their teammates behind and that’s something we really wanted to stress.”

Proceeds from the race series go to support Marine Corps Community Services quality of life programs for Camp Pendleton personnel and families.

“All the money generated in this event goes into the quality of life programs that Marine Corps Community Services offers, from the sports programs, the fitness centers, the recreational and family care programs,” said Patty Gamelin, deputy director, Semper Fit Division of Marine Corps Community Services.

Alec Franco took first place for the 10k run coming in at 44:58. Neremiah Joakim Castano came in second at 50:21.

“The best part is when the troops cheer you on,” said Chris Madain, a 10k race participant.

Participants also had the opportunity to donate their shoes after the race to provide funds for the Oceanside Swim Club, which uses the proceeds to provide swimming classes to low-income youth in the area.

For more information on the race, visit: http://www.mccscp.com/mudrun.