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MCI Distance Learning Courses Move to MarineNet

By Cpl. Asia J. Sorenson | Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton | September 1, 2015


Marine Corps Institute Distance Education Program courses will now be exclusively on MarineNet.

“One of the important things MarineNet allows us to do, aside from being easier to update the courses, is that it allows access for everybody to take the course wherever they are,” said Jeffrey R. Willis, director, Camp Pendleton Region, Training and Education Command. “So, when an important topic comes up that you want training on, MarineNet provides a way to get it complete with immediate feedback, which is beneficial to unit leaders and the Marine Corps.”

An administrative message released early this year stated that having distance learning courses through the Marine Corps Institute and the College of Distance Education and Training was leading to a disjointed training and education curriculum. Headquarters Marine Corps responded to this issue by approving the transfer of MCI distance learning courses to CDET.

Completion of MCI courses, including the online courses being transferred, can earn Marines up to 100 additional self-education bonus points on their composite score. A composite score determines promotion from the rank of lance corporal to corporal and corporal to sergeant. MCI’s online courses also include the distance education program courses required for a Marine to be professional military education course complete and eligible for promotion across the ranks.

Leading Marines was moved from MCI to MarineNet in November 2011. The course is designed to develop and enhance a Marines’ ability to think critically and make sound, ethical decisions. All Marines must complete Leading Marines in order to be eligible for promotion to corporal.

“Leading Marines was one of the early courses and one I think is really useful and brings up important topics for Marines,” said Willis. 

All MCI courses that were marked for the transfer in MARADMIN 209/15 will be available on MarineNet, http://www.marinenet.usmc.mil, by the end of September.

Once the MCI website is gone, MCI transcripts will still be available through Joint Service Transcript, https://jst.doded.mil. However, MCI course completion certificates will no longer be available for download.

“When a Marine does an MCI, they can often get college credit for it,” said Francine R. Valverde, Education and Career Technician, Marine Corps Community Services - Marine & Family Programs. “This would show up on their Joint Service Transcript.”

The Marine Corps Institute has facilitated the training and education of individual Marines since February 1920. The institute has accepted enrollments online since 1999.