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Marine Corps Recruiting Command Casting Call Coming to Camp Pendleton

By Lance Cpl. Emmanuel Necoechea | Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton | March 17, 2016


Marine Corps Recruiting Command (MCRC) will host a casting call at the Marine Corps Exchange in the 13 area and the Pacific Views Marine Corps Exchange on Camp Pendleton for future recruiting media, April 5-6.

MCRC is looking for quality Marines of all ranks, occupational specialty and backgrounds to be considered in future MCRC advertising projects.

“We are always in search of highly qualified Marines from various MOSs, backgrounds and ethnicities who will best represent the Marine Corps and the face of the nation,” said Capt. Amber Schroeder, Digital Engagement Officer, Marine Corps Recruiting Command. “This casting tour is a rare opportunity for Marines to assist us in influencing and recruiting the future of the Marine Corps.”

Capt. Zerbin Singleton, an airframes Officer-in-Charge with Medium Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 369, was selected during a previous casting call.

“It’s pretty humbling,” said Singleton. “It’s an awesome opportunity to be a part of a Marine Corps commercial. To me it’s something that’ll be a part of history.”

The intent of on-site casting is to conduct a pre-screening of Marines who are interested in participating in advertising projects.

MCRC believes that active-duty Marines are the best ambassadors for the Marine Corps and this opportunity also gives the Marine Corps the ability to showcase the talent serving.

“Every Marine I’ve come in contact with, whether it’s a junior Marine or a senior, there is always a learning opportunity,” said Singleton. “They teach you what to do or what not to do through their leadership.”

Commands are encouraged to find their most eligible Marines and encourage them to apply.

“The Marine Corps is as they tell you ‘the best of the best,’” said Singleton. “We are out there doing things for the community whether it is mentoring or community service and then we try to be the best at everything we do.”

Applicants should visit the MCRC Casting Team to check for dates and location of the casting call. Prior to the visit, Marines should visit www.mcrc.marines.mil/casting to complete a pre-screening worksheet and submit according to the instructions. Marines may still visit a casting event without previously submitting the form. Those who are not located near a casting event listed below are encouraged to submit a pre-screening worksheet online.