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Mary Fay Pendleton Elementary School Recognized for Outstanding Leadership

By Lance Cpl. Emmanuel Necoechea | Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton | March 24, 2016


Camp Pendleton hosted the Leader in Me Symposium at Mary Fay Pendleton Elementary School here, March 24.

The Leader in Me Symposium was designed to showcase the leadership qualities of students to teachers and staff from schools across the nation and to the parents of Mary Fay Pendleton students.

The event began with a musical performance from students, followed by synergy activities that showcased leadership through teamwork, and classroom tours held by the students.

“It felt good to help organize, because it give kids charge when mostly adults organize these events, but now kids got to decide what to do,” said Claudia N. Monk, a 5th grade student at Mary Fay Pendleton Elementary School. “I like how the school gives us skills we can incorporate in everyday life, not just in school but out of school."

The symposium further demonstrated the qualities of Mary Fay Pendleton after being officially recognized as a Light House School for its exemplary leadership practices.

“We are one of 184 schools recognized by the Franklin Covey Foundation as a Light House School,” said Chad McGouge, principal of Mary Fay Pendleton Elementary School. “Basically, it means we are a leadership school and we provide opportunities for kids to find their voice in becoming a leader in every aspect of their life.

Mary Fay Pendleton Elementary Schools’ mission is to create a safe, rigorous, and responsive learning environment which prepares students to become independent thinkers, life-long leaders, good citizens, and contributing members of a global society.

“Kids have an opportunity to find out who they really are, identify their own unique talents and strengths and find their own voice,” said McGouge. “We give them opportunities to lead in different ways, whether it’s through campus beautification or holding flag ceremonies or being a student leader. Every student here has a job and every student here has a purpose.”