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Camp Pendleton conserves energy during Energy Action Month

By Pfc. Dylan Overbay | Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton | October 31, 2016

October is National Energy Action Month, as designated by our Commander-in-Chief and supported by the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of the Navy.

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton’s Energy Department continues its efforts to sustain energy conservation habits, enhance energy security, and reduced energy cost.

“Energy Action month is very much a behavior focused month, there is no big projects it’s focused on the individual, or the Unit.” said Michael Daily, Unit Energy Manager Program Coordinator. “It’s an awareness of power not just with energy but the Department of Defense brings in water awareness. We would like the awareness to go all year round.”
The goals of Energy Action Month are to raise awareness about energy use and encourage energy-saving actions of Marines, civilians, and their families.

“It’s paying attention to the little things,” said Daily. “There is a laundry list of things Marines can do to conserve energy.”

Marines can take steps to reduce their energy consumption and save money by doing things such as using fans if available instead of air-conditioners, taking shorter showers, and using the thermostat efficiently during warmer and colder months in order to not waste too much energy.

“Energy Action Month is designed to help Marines and sailors understand how to become more energy and water efficient in a garrison,” said Daily “Understanding energy conservation also helps them and their fellow service members to be more successful in maintaining energy security when they are deployed.”

The Department of Defense is the largest government user of energy, and has stressed the importance of mitigating the risk caused by fluctuating oil prices and supply shocks by striving towards energy independence.

For more information about energy conservation, please call the Camp Pendleton Base Energy Office at (760) 725-0566.