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DMO - Personal Effects & Baggage Center (PE&BC)

The Personal Effect and Baggage Center is located in Bldg 2263, on the corner of Vandergrift and 9th Street. Our operating hours are from 0730 to 1630.

We support members of the U.S. Marine Corps and other personnel assigned to Marine Corps units who are:
 • Missing in Action (MIA)
 • Wounded in Action (WIA)
 • Hospitalized
 • Medical Evacuation (MedEvac)
 • Incarcerated (Brig or In Hands of Civilian Authorities)
 • Extended Temporary Additional Duty (TAD over 90 days)
 • Unit Deployment Program Storage (Personal Effects and Privately Owned Vehicle)
 • Unauthorized Absence Without Leave (UA/AWOL)
We receive lost, abandoned, and unclaimed personal property that is recovered (comes into custody or control of a Military Unit or Installation), and the Marine Corps uniforms of members who receive an Other than Honorable (OTH), Bad Conduct Discharge (BCD) or Dishonorable Discharge (DD).

All personal effect turn-ins will be by appointment only.
Appointments are made Monday-Thursday. To schedule an appointment, call 760-725-3519/3090.

POV storage is an entitlement for Marines E-5 and below deploying that do NOT receive BAH. The Marine will need Current Registration, Current Proof of Insurance, Valid Driver's License, Military ID, copy of RED report from MOL, and no personal effects in the vehicle. The Marine will show up to PE&BC at either 0800 or 1300, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Tuesday and Thursday is 0800 only. Vehicles will be stored/retrieved at no other time. A tool will be needed to disconnect the battery.

Unit Deployment storage is an entitlement for Marines E-5 and below living in the barracks NOT receiving BAH. The unit will appoint a Unit Representative to handle all correspondence with PE&BC. The Unit Rep must be a SNCO or Officer. They will need to contact the PE&BC office for templates of the Pickup Authorization letter, Unit Representative Appointment letter, Unit Representative Responsibilities, and a copy of the roster. The first two forms require the signature of the Commanding Officer or anyone with By Direction authority. Once these forms have been filled out the Unit Rep will physically bring them in Monday through Friday from 0730-1600 to set up for the Pickup or Delivery of his/her Marines’ Personal Effects.

Lost luggage comes from the local airports, San Diego International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, Orange County International Airport, and Ontario International Airport. Lost luggage is turned into PE&BC during normal working hours. PE&BC will immediately contact the owner using the tags on the luggage or the Base Locator. The owner is the only one authorized to sign and pick up the luggage, unless he/she authorizes an agent to pick up the luggage for him/her.



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