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Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton


Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

"The West Coast's Premier Fleet Marine Force Training Base"

Known Distance Ranges

Many of the Camp Pendleton's numbered ranges have been designed for a specific purpose and should be utilized for that purpose only.

Any training scenarios, weapons or ammo not authorized per CAMPENO 3500.1 CH 1 (Range and Training Regulations) will require a waiver to be submitted 30 days prior to the event.

All information on this website should be used for planning purposes only. For the most current Range Regulations & Information, contact Range Scheduling at (760) 725-4219/3510 or via email at pndl_otrangescheduling@usmc.mil

Click here for Waiver Example.

Known Distance Ranges
 TitleModified DateSize Description
KD Range - Edson Range - Pistol5/13/2015UnknownDownloadEdson_Pistol_131119
KD Range - Edson Range A5/13/2015UnknownDownloadEdson_A_140909
KD Range - Edson Range B5/13/2015UnknownDownloadEdson_B_140909
KD Range - Edson Range C5/13/2015UnknownDownloadEdson_C_140909
KD Range - Edson Range D5/13/2015UnknownDownloadEdson_D_140909
KD Range - Range 1025/13/2015UnknownDownloadR102_061120
KD Range - Range 1035/13/2015UnknownDownloadR103_130508
KD Range - Range 2135/13/2015UnknownDownloadR213_121102
KD Range - Range 2145/13/2015UnknownDownloadR214_150508
KD Range - Range 5015/13/2015UnknownDownloadR501_140814
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