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Project Submissions - Training Resources Management Division

Submitting New Projects

1. Any projects dealing with new modifications in a training area must be approved by the battalion S-3’s. If the project is to an existing building or area not in a training area, it must be approved by the area commander and the battalion S-4.
2. All projects will have a detailed description and at least two drawings or pictures of what the requesting unit is wanting prior to everything being submitted.
3. A cover sheet, Submission Project sheet and all other project related paperwork can be sent by e-mail or FAX to Deana Sherrill or Randall McCrumb. Note: If faxing pictures and drawings make a copy of the picture first to ensure that the picture will come out in a fax. Dark faxes will result in a delay in the submission process.

Submission Process

1. Once the request is sent to Deana Sherrill or Randall McCrumb at RTAMD it is reviewed.
2. The project will have a routing sheet with a brief overview of the project that is being submitted made up for approval by the RTAMD Director Mr. John Carretti.
3. A Preliminary Environmental Data sheet will be submitted to Base Environmental for site approval. Note: This process could take a week or a year to get approval due to all the environmental controls that are on the base.
4. A copy of the project is sent to Range Operations Division for their approval and comments and also to Facilities Maintenance Division for a site survey to be scheduled and completed.
5. Once RTAMD has received all the required approvals it will be prioritized for funding.
6. When Funding has been approved and monies have been allocated for the project it then goes to bidding for contract. 3 bids are always taken for best price and value to the government. Lowest bidder will win the contract.
7. Once the contract has been awarded the project will begin and it could take up to a year or two before the project is completed. Smaller projects could be completed faster than a year. Note: If it is a small project and you will be doing the construction all the approval paperwork will be returned to you and work may begin.
8. Upon completion of work a final walk through will be done with RTAMD and the requesting unit POC to ensure the completion and that it meets the requirements needed.

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