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Assistant Chief of Staff Facilities


Assistant Chief of Staff Facilities

Marine Corps Installations West

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton




A&E Branch Architects and Engineers with CAPT William Whitmire (AC/S Facilities G-F)



A&E Branch Disciplines and ServicesThe Architecture & Engineering (A&E) Branch provides a full spectrum of professional disciplines including: Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering.



A&E Branch Project Leaders
The Project Leader has “cradle to grave” oversight responsibility from project planning and development through design and construction of facilities and infrastructure projects ranging from routine (tactical vehicle parking) to technically complex (large utility infrastructure).  Project Leaders provide technical support on a wide variety of facility issues to other Base staff and agencies, including Facilities Maintenance Division (FMD), Water Resources Division (WRD), Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS), and Range and Training Management Division (RTAMD). 

Project Leaders are responsible for the following:
    • Project development and execution - Develop the best “engineering solution” to satisfy a facility requirement or correct a facility deficiency.
    • Providing field engineering support.
    • Liaison with contracting and construction organizations for design & construction, including Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest (NAVFAC SW), Central Integrated Products Team (CIPT), Facilities Engineering & Acquisition Division (FEAD) and FMD.
    • In-house design and Request for Proposal (RFP) preparation 
    • Engineering Service Requests (ESRs) 
    • Facilities Engineering Studies (HQMC Funded) 
    • Proponent for Base Specific Documents - Camp Pendleton Requirements (CPR) and Base Exterior Architecture Plan (BEAP).

Useful Documents:
   • Camp Pendleton Requirements (CPR) 2018 - Not released at this time
Camp Pendleton Requirements (CPR) 2016

   • Camp Pendleton Requirements (CPR) 2016 Corrections
   • MCIWEST G6 CPR (OSP) Section 271300 (Signed) May 7, 2018
   • MCIWEST G6 CPR (PDS) Section 271400 (Signed) May 7, 2018
   • MCIWEST G6 CPR (ISP) Section 271500 (Signed) May 7, 2018

G-6 CPR Supplement (ISP) Oct 2014
   • G-6 CPR Supplement (PDS) Oct 2014
   • G-6 CPR Supplement (OSP) Oct 2014
    • Integrated Pest Management Plan dated October 2017
   • Camp Pendleton Requirements (CPR)  Dec 2014
   • Base Exterior Architecture Plan (BEAP) July 2010


Public Works Division A/E Organization Chart:  




 In-house Designs

I MEF Pavilion, Del Mar (21) Area




11 Area Reviewing Stand