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Contact Information

• Camp Pendleton Communication Strategy and Operations (COMMSTRAT) Office: (760)-725-5799

• Photo Studio: (760) 725-6181
- Provides official & command board photography.

• Community Relations Section: (760)-725-5799 -
-Provides information regarding base tours, Color Guard and other special requests.

• Media Engagement Section: (760)-763-2760 -
- Assists with all media queries and escorts aboard Camp Pendleton.
- For after hours & weekend queries on deadline, please call (760) 207-1443.

• Production Section: (760) 725-6202 -
- Produces video, photographic and print news items for publication to commands numerous web & social media sites.

• Graphic/Printing: (760) 725-6479
- Provides professional quality graphics & reproduction products. 

• Camp Pendleton Webmaster: (760)- 725-5799 -

Box 555019
Marine Corps Installations West - Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton
Communication Strategy and Operations (COMMSTRAT) Office
Camp Pendleton, CA 92055-5019

• Base Information Line: (760)-725-4111
-Provides connection service for all non-public affairs related matters (e.g. legal or police matters, Marine unit locator and base access).

Entertainment Media Liaison Office (Motion Pictures & Television)
Please contact the Entertainment Media Liaison Office above for Department of Defense support for major motion pictures, television shows, video games and documentaries.

For assistance to directors, producers and writers in the entertainment industry (Movies & TV), click the above link.
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