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Communication Strategy & Operations


Communication Strategy & Operations

Marine Corps Installations West

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

NOTICE: Graphics and Reproduction is CLOSED until further notice.

High volume printing will be limited to direct support of COVID-19 efforts only.

The MCIW-MCB CAMPEN Graphics and Reproduction Department provides professional quality graphics and reproduction products while operating equipment and managing manpower to improve efficiencies and costs. Always ensuring to meet or exceed customer satisfaction of products and services provided and will from time to time advise commands on best practices for graphics and reproduction support.

Building 2238
(760) 725-6479, DSN 365-6479
United States Marine Corps
Base Communication Strategy & Operations
Box 555019
Camp Pendleton, California 92055-5019

Hours of Operation
 Monday - Thursday:  7:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.
 Friday:  7:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

• High Volume Printing
• Lamination
• Binding
• Large Format Printing
• Mounting
• Graphics Design
• Multimedia Design

Products Provided (All products listed have restrictions.  See Capabilities and Services.)
• Programs/Invites
• Status Boards
• Posters
• Books/Handouts
• 2 Dimensional Animations
• Trifolds/Bi-folds
• Flyers
• Placards
• Logo/Insignia Design/Change

Do Not Support
• Name cards, tickets and seating charts for unit events, Balls, Mess Nights, and Dining Ins
• Any products for unit social events such as Mess Nights, Dinning Ins, and Professional Dinners
• Beautification Projects
• Products that can be purchased through Supply System
• Printing of Official Electronic Publications
• Personal Photos and Collages
• Cutouts of Logos or Images
• Outdoor Signage and Banners
• Business Cards (exceptions)
• Copies of Administrative Documents to include Medical and Dental records
• Print Maps, Blueprints, Schematics, or TEEPS
• Stickers

If there is a product request not listed, contact the Graphics and Reproduction Section Head to determine where support can be provided.  More guidance and details for products can be found in our Capabilities and Services document.

Copyright Material
Copying, duplicating or reproducing any item(s) protected by copyright law is prohibited. The only exceptions are identified under the Fair Use Exception.  Permission must be obtained in hard form by the copyright owner, and must be provided to the Graphics and Reproduction Department for inclusion into record.

Due to budget restraints, costly large format charts, displays, and other presentation graphics are limited to mission essential training, investigations, operational readiness, and other valid requirements. All other large format work may require reimbursement and is subject to the discretion of the Graphics and Reproduction department head.

Exterior Signs
Exterior signs are provided by Facilities Maintenance Sign Shop, 22 Area Building 2296, 760-725-4813

Maps can be obtained through Geospatial Information & Services (GIS), 22 Area Building 220102T, 760-763-7834 or 760-763-6698

Printing and finishing services not provided by Combat Camera can be obtained at Defense Printing, 22 Area Building 2241, 760-829-9199 or email wendy.connet@dla.mil.



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