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Resource Enforcement and Compliance (REC) / Game Wardens Section (GWS)

The Mission of the REC is to provide Camp Pendleton and Environmental Security with resource, cultural, environmental mission program support, and Conservation Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) investigations of specific violations. We also manage wildlife conflict, manage and administer the recreational hunting, fishing, dispersed-camping programs while providing quality of life to customers and ensuring compliance to applicable laws.

This is accomplished by providing base-wide CLEO responses, patrols and investigations into resource and environmental related violations along with providing technician support to minimize human/wildlife conflict on base while ensuring today’s and future generations of Marines, Sailors, their families and others are able to safely enjoy recreational camping, fishing, and hunting activities.

Training Area Availability for November 10-12, 2018

Fishing: Del Mar Beach, San Onofre Beach, Lake O'Neill
Case Springs: OPEN

 SAT- A2, A3, C, D, E, H, R1, R2, R3, SMR2, Y1
 SUN- A2, A3, C, D, E, G, H, R3, Y1
 MON- B1, B2, B3, C, D, E, M, N, O2, P2, SMR2, Y1

 Please check deer lotter for results
 MON: ARCHERY DEER ONLY B1, B2, B3, C, D, E, M, N, O2, P2, SMR1, SMR2, Y1

YOUTH DEER HUNT:  If you indicated on your sheet that there is a youth hunter in your party then you have been selected for TA-XRAY on MON 12 NOV.  Youth hunters must have adult chaperon. Check in/out times will work similar to regular rifle deer hunting.

Lottery Draw for Nov. 10-12  

Harvest Update:
Firearm hunters harvested 29 deer over the Veteran's Day weekend, for a total of 51 firearm deer.  Archers broke a record set in 2014 (13 deer) and have harvested 15 deer, so far. 

Check out the hunter intensity versus harvest graph

Some areas have seen little hunter effort, and represent a great opportunity.  In particular the shotgun areas: M, N, SMR1 and SMR2.  Hunters in K2 have reported seeing many deer, but did not harvest any.  P1 and P3 remained closed for hunting.  With a buck:doe ratio of 3:2, deer hunters are still being selective. 

By the end of the season the ratio is usually 1:1.  The youth hunt in X-ray had a good turnout, but the high winds on Monday kept the deer from moving too much.  With the exception of the Monday winds, we had a fantastic, safe, and enjoyable Pendleton deer hunting weekend. 

EFFORT 10-12 November 2018:
Archery Deer 19 hunters
Small Game 28  hunters
Firearm Deer 146 hunters

HARVEST 10-12 November 2018
Dove 29
Quail 9
Rabbit 4
Coyote 1
Deer 29
Squirrel 28

EFFORT since 1 September 2018:
Archery 724 hunters
Small Game 280 hunters
Firearm Deer 335

HARVEST since 1 September 2018:
Dove 234
Quail 42
Rabbit 93
Coyote 7
Deer 66
Squirrel 96

The solar/lunar cycle and training area availability will make Veterans Day and Thanksgiving holiday weekends very productive for deer hunters.  The other two weekends in November look "just okay" for deer hunting.

Firearm deer hunters must attend one of the below briefs at the Game Warden's office on Wednesday evening or Saturday morning.

Make up briefs: TBD

Office hours: 5am-8pm on hunting days (weekends and holidays).

The Game Warden Office is now closed Monday-Thursday.

Hunter Education: The next class is to December 8th from 1-5pm. This is a 2 part class with an online component. Use the following link for directions and to sign up. https://www.wildlife.ca.gov/hunter-education  Hunter education is an once-in-a-lifetime requirement to purchase a hunting license. California honors other state hunter education courses. If the class is full, we will have 11 waitlist spots for military personnel. Contact the office directly, 760-725-3360, to sign up on the wait list.

Deer tags: Archers should buy an Archery Only tag for San Diego County. Firearm hunters should buy a G10 deer tag. There are only 250 G10 deer tags. If you did not obtain one, we will have a brief lottery for a small number of remaining G10 tags on October 6th at 1000 at the Game Warden office.

Red Beach: Closed for camping/fishing due to construction, likely through 2019.

Please use the following address to contact the Warden Office in writing:
Environmental Security: Resource Enforcement and Compliance
P.O. Box 555008
Camp Pendleton, CA 92055-5008