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Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

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Resource Enforcement and Compliance (REC) / Game Wardens Section (GWS)

The Mission of the REC is to provide Camp Pendleton and Environmental Security with resource, cultural, environmental mission program support, and Conservation Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) investigations of specific violations.  We also manage wildlife conflict, manage and administer the recreational hunting, fishing, dispersed-camping programs while providing quality of life to customers and ensuring compliance to applicable laws.

This is accomplished by providing base-wide CLEO responses, patrols and investigations into resource and environmental related violations along with providing technician support to minimize human/wildlife conflict on base while ensuring today’s and future generations of Marines, Sailors, their families and others are able to safely enjoy recreational camping, fishing, and hunting activities.

The REC/GWS Chief Game Warden (CLEO) Vic Yoder supervises one Assistant Chief CLEO/Biologist, Wildlife Biological Science Technicians and CLEOs/Wardens while managing programs.  The Game Warden office is near Lake O’Neill within the 26 Area located within building 2648.  The office is open Thursday through Tuesday from 9am to 5pm and closed Wednesdays.

You can obtain GWS information by going to the GWS Facebook site at: https://www.facebook.com/CPENgamewardens/ or by calling the office at 760-725-3360.

To Access the Camp Pendleton Game Warden Access Registration form, Terms and Conditions for Installation Access to Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton Game Warden programs to Camp, or if you are going to be a guest of someone camping, ‘Please Click This Button’.

Please use the following address to contact the Warden Office in writing:
Environmental Security
Resource Enforcement and Compliance
P.O. Box 555008
Camp Pendleton, CA 92055-5008