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Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton


Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

"The West Coast's Premier Fleet Marine Force Training Base"


  • NOTICE: Hunting on base is suspended until further notice.

• The Pacific Views Exchange now sells all base fishing ($10) and hunting ($20) permits.

• Several hunters have inquired about .270 Ammunition at the MCX. The Pacific View MCX now stocks .270 'lead' and 'non-lead' ammunition.

The Game Warden's Office no longer sells fishing or hunting permits.


Resource Enforcement and Compliance (REC) / Game Wardens Section (GWS)

The Mission of the REC is to provide Camp Pendleton and Environmental Security with resource, cultural, environmental mission program support, and Conservation Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) investigations of specific violations. We also manage wildlife conflict, manage and administer the recreational hunting, fishing, dispersed-camping programs while providing quality of life to customers and ensuring compliance to applicable laws.

This is accomplished by providing base-wide CLEO responses, patrols and investigations into resource and environmental related violations along with providing technician support to minimize human/wildlife conflict on base while ensuring today’s and future generations of Marines, Sailors, their families and others are able to safely enjoy recreational camping, fishing, and hunting activities.

Training Area Availability (UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE)

• Case Springs: 
• Lake Pulgas: CLOSED
• Cockleburr Beach:
• Lake O'Neill: Open 7 days/week
• Del Mar Beach: Open 7 days/week
• San Onofre Beach: Open 7 days/week

Small Game Hunting:  CLOSED 


• Check out the deer report by clicking the blue Deer Report button below the rules and regulations. 

• Check out the Camp Pendleton Deer Hunting - 2019 Season Summary.


Harvest Update:
EFFORT 25 - 26 January, 2020

  44 waterfowl hunters
  23 small game hunters

EFFORT Since 1 September, 2019
  458 small game, 891 archery deer, 555 firearm deer, 316 waterfowl

HARVEST 25 - 26 January, 2020
  Quail 15
  Waterfowl 40
  Rabbit 14
  Eurasian Dove 0
  Squirrel 0

HARVEST Since 1 September, 2019
  Rabbit 110
  Dove 250,   Eurasian Dove 1
  Quail 112
  Deer 33 bucks, 31 doe
  Coyote 7
  Squirrel 36
  Waterfowl 407


Hunter Education: The next hunter education class is Saturday, April 4th from 0800-1700 at the Game Warden's classroom. This is traditional class without an online component.  It is free of charge.  Sign up with this link: https://www.register-ed.com/events/view/159161

Hunter education certificates never expire, are valid nation-wide, and are required to purchase a hunting license.  Use this link for more information:  https://www.wildlife.ca.gov/hunter-education

Please use the following address to contact the Warden Office in writing:
Environmental Security: Resource Enforcement and Compliance
P.O. Box 555008
Camp Pendleton, CA 92055-5008