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Environmental Security


Environmental Security

Marine Corps Installations West

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton
Installation Restoration Program Administrative Record

An Administrative Record (AR) file has been established for MCB Camp Pendleton's Installation Restoration (IR) Program. It includes technical reports, project documents, and other supporting documentation that form the basis for selection of remedial actions under the IR Program. The AR file is maintained at NAVFAC SW in San Diego, California, and is available for public review. It will continue to be maintained for at least 50 years after environmental restoration activities are completed at MCB Camp Pendleton and will serve as a legal and public information resource. Documents may not be removed from NAVFAC SW offices; documents may be photocopied, however photocopy services are not available onsite. A copy of the AR file index is available for public review at the AR.

To obtain access to the AR files or receive a copy of the index, contact the Administrative Records Coordinator for NAVFAC SW, Ms. Diane Silva, at the following address and telephone number:

Diane Silva, NARA Certified
Command Records Manager

NAVFAC Southwest
1220 Pacific Highway
Code EV33, NBSD Bldg. 3519
San Diego, CA  92132
(619) 556-1280
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