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Installation Restoration Sites

Learn more about the IR Sites on MCB Camp Pendleton.

Initial Assessment Study
Naval Energy and Environmental Support Activity (NEESA) conducted an Initial Assessment Study (IAS) of MCB Camp Pendleton in September 1984, resulting in the identification of eight potentially contaminated sites. In July 1988, Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest (NAVFAC SW) [formerly SW DIV] conducted a Site Investigation (SI) of the Base, identifying an additional 66 IR Sites; six additional sites were subsequently added, resulting in a total of 80.

Contamination at MCB Camp Pendleton primarily resulted from past practices, relating to maintenance and repair of trucks, tanks, and aircraft that generated vehicular fluids and solvents, many of which are now out of date due to the development of environmental regulatory guidelines. Base support operations, such as pest control and dry cleaning, have also generated contamination. IR Site 3, the Pest Control Wash Rack in 26 Area, was affected by pesticides and led to MCB Camp Pendleton's placement on the federal NPL on November 15, 1989.

Federal Facilties Agreement
In 1990, the Department of the Navy (DON), Marine Corps, and regulatory agencies entered into a Federal Facilities Agreement (FFA) for Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton.  The FFA is a legally binding document that outlines the schedule for completing the investigation and cleanup of sites at the Base.  Parties to the FFA included the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), the California Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB), the Navy, and the Marine Corps.  The FFA establishes the framework and schedule for addressing contaminated sites.

View more information on the FFA at MCB Camp Pendleton, including historical Meeting Mintues and upcoming meeting dates.

Current Status of IR Sites

The Installation Restoration (IR) Program at MCB Camp Pendleton includes 80 sites grouped into five Operable Units (OUs) based on similarities, such as types of environmental issues, selected cleanup methods, and/or physical location. To date, 64 of these IR Sites have been cleaned up and/or closed. There are currently 16 active IR Sites in the MCB Camp Pendleton's IR Program, all in different phases of the cleanup process.

A list of the active IR Sites on MCB Camp Pendleton may be found on the right. For a visual reference of the active IR Sites on Base, reference the map below.

Camp Pendleton Active IR Sites 

Installation Restoration
Active IR Sites on MCB Camp Pendleton
  • IR Site 7, Box Canyon Landfill
  • 22/23 Area Groundwater
  • IR Site 21, 14 Area Surface Impoundment
  • IR Site 33, 52 Area Armory
  • IR Site 62, Asphalt Batch Plant
  • IR Site 150, Former disposal pit located in 21 Area
  • IR Site 1111, No further Action approved
  • IR Site 1114, 41 Area Arroyo
  • IR Site 1115, 13 Area FSSG Lot
  • IR Site 1116, 14 Area Groundwater
  • IR Site 1117, 15/16 Area Groundwater
  • IR Site 1118, 21/26/52 Area Groundwater
  • IR Site 1119, 26 Area Groundwater
  • 12 Area Site 13, Former Buildings 1280 & 1283
  • IR site 1120, Stuart Mesa Pesticide Maintenance Areas
  • IR Site 1121, Site 1D Groundwater
  • IR Site 1122, Shot Fall Zone
IR Sites Undergoing Revegetation
Operating Unit (OU) Site Number Description
OU-3 IR Site 1A 14 Area Refuse Burning Ground
OU-4 IR Site 30 31 Area
OU-5 IR Site 1A-1 14 Area Waste-Burn Pits
OU-5 IR Site 1H 62 Area