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Environmental Security


Environmental Security

Marine Corps Installations West

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton
Installation Restoration Program Photo Gallery
 Box Canyon Landfill   Box Canyon Landfill
Solar panels have been installed at IR Site 7, Box Canyon Landfill. This site is in the Long-term Monitoring phase of the IR Program.
 IR Site 1D   IR Site 1D
The groundwater at IR Site 1D is currently being treated and disposed of in the wastewater treatment plant.
 IR Site 1H   IR Site 1H
Hydroseeding and revegetation are currently underway at IR Site 1H. A Removal Action Complete Report is anticipated on this site.
   IR Site 1111   IR Site 1111
IR Site 1111 has been recommended for no further action for soil at the site. Groundwater monitoring has been completed at IR Site 1111.
 IR Site 30 Revegetation   IR Site 30 Revegetation
IR Site 30 is recommended for NFA and closure.
    IR Site 7
IR Site 7 Solar Powered Gas Collection and Control System at Box Canyon.

Base Cleanup Efforts and Community Involvement
An Initial Assessment Study (IAS) of MCB Camp Pendleton was conducted in September 1984. The IR Program at MCB Camp Pendleton includes 74 sites grouped into five Operable Units (OUs) based on similarities, such as types of environmental issues, selected cleanup methods, and/or physical location. To date, 58 of these IR Sites have been cleaned up and/or closed. There are currently 16 active IR Sites in the MCB Camp Pendleton’s IR Program, all in different phases of the cleanup process.