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Legal Services Support Team


Legal Services Support Team

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton


Legal Administrative Officer

CWO4 Armando Figueroa


Officer in Charge

Colonel Breven C. Parsons


Legal Services Chief

MGySgt Christopher B. Pere



To provide legal services support, in garrison, to operating forces and supporting establishment commands, as well as individual Marines, Sailors, eligible family members, and other eligible beneficiaries within MCICOM (MCI-W) in the following areas: Mili-tary Justice, Administrative Law, Civil Law, Ethics, Claims and Legal Assistance.

Legal Services Support Team (LSST) Camp Pendleton provides consolidated legal services in the six legal services support functional areas to commands and eligible recipients through its subordinate offices. The Trial Services Office and the Defense Services Office provide military jus-tice support, the Administrative Law Office provides administrative law support, the Civil Law office provides civil law, ethical, and claims support, and finally the Legal Assistance Office and the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Office provide legal assis-tance support.

LSST Camp Pendleton has expanded its functional areas of support to include an Operational Law Development Program to pre-pare Judge Advocates for the legal challenges of future operations.

Legal Administration Manual (MCO 5800.16A)
Marine Corps Installation Command Roles and Responsibilities (MCO 5400.54)

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