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Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton


Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

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The Legal Services Support Team, Civil Law Section, Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, processes claims against the government made under the Personnel Claims Act, the Military Claims Act, and the Federal Tort Claims Act.


Service members or other federal employees may substantiate a claim under the Personnel Claims Act for damage to personal property that was lost, damaged, or destroyed incident to service. A perfected claim requires the 
DD Form 1842 and 1844, the direct deposit form and a signed affidavit of private insurance. Other documentation may be required as well.

Service members trying to recover damages for property damage caused by activities of the federal government that was not incident to service may do so in accordance with the Military Claims Act. Civilians may also recover under this act for damages resulting from noncombat activity of a peculiarly military nature.

Civilians may also recover damages under the Federal Tort Claims Act for personal injury, death or property damage caused by the negligent conduct of federal employees acting within the scope of their employment.

For claims under the Military Claims Act and Federal Tort Claims Act, a perfected claim requires a completed SF 95, signed affidavit of private insurance and proof substantiating the claimed amount. Other documentation may be required on a case by case basis. 

Claims packages must be submitted in accordance with these instructions: Filing A Claim For Personal Property Damage in a Joint Service Environment

If you have further questions on claims packages, please call the Claims and Investigations Office at 760-725-5154.