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Paternity - Legal Services Support Section-West
Bringing a Paternity Action:
A paternity action is a court proceeding to establish a parent-child relationship. Before a child support order can be issued, a parent-child relationship must be established. It is in this context that most paternity actions occur.

There are two primary means of establishing the paternity of a child:

  1. A private paternity action brought by a parent on his/her behalf
  2. A paternity action brought through the San Diego County Department of Child Support Services.
  3. A paternity action brought through Child Support Services is usually less expensive
If you want to establish Paternity our office can provide assistance with getting all the forms that you will need for your case. You should print out this form, fill it out and set up an appointment on Friday for the following week.

Defending a Paternity Action:
Download form here.

If you are ever served with a Petition to Establish Paternity, or any other court papers, come to our office either Tuesday or Thursday at 0700 for Walk-ins. At that time you will sit down with the attorney and they can advise you on a course of action. You usually only have between 20-30 days to respond to a petition. DO NOT SIGN an acknowledgement of paternity until you speak with an attorney.

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