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Security & Emergency Services Battalion

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

Support Services - Security Battalion

The Support Services Division provides administrative support to the Provost Marshal’s Office as well as other support functions to other activities on Camp Pendleton.

The Support Services Division is comprised of the Police Administrative Services Branch, the Base Access Control Branch and the Physical Security Section.

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Police Administrative Services Branch
Police Records (Bldg 1523)

Business Hours: 7:30a.m. - 3:30p.m. Monday - Friday, Telephone 725-0819

The Police Records section maintains Incident Complaint Reports (ICRs) and other documents generated by the Provost Marshal’s Office. Police Records also provides services such as fingerprinting for security clearances (applicants are required to bring their own fingerprint cards), Local Records Checks, Privacy Act and Command request for reports, weapons registration and Base Resale Lot registrations.

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Traffic Court Administration (Bldg 1523)

Business Hours: 7:30a.m. - 3:30p.m. Monday - Friday, Telephone 725-0819

The Traffic Court section works closely with the Base Magistrate to adjudicate DD Form 1408 Traffic Citations that are issued on base. Persons who wish to plead guilty to a DD Form 1408 Traffic Citation should call 725-0819 or visit Bldg 1523 during business hours. The Traffic Court section records the points assessed by the Base Magistrate as well as the period of any suspensions or revocations imposed. Results of Traffic Court are recorded on the individual’s on-base Driving Record. DD Form 1805 Federal Magistrate Citations are forwarded to the Federal Magistrate for adjudication.

Civil Court Liaison (Bldg 1523)

Business Hours: 7:30a.m. - 3:30p.m. Monday - Friday, Telephone 725-6102

The Civil Court Liaison section coordinates with local law enforcement agencies to obtain copies of police reports when Marines and Sailors are arrested off-base. The section also reviews booking slips via the Automated Regional Justice Information System (ARJIS) to identify Marines and sailors who have been incarcerated within the jail system. Notifications of incarcerations are forwarded to the member’s command and upon request; the police report will be obtained from the arresting law enforcement agency for official command purposes.

Domestic Animal Control (Bldg 25132)

Business Hours: 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Thursday-Sunday, Telephone 725-8120

The Domestic Animal Control facility (the Shelter) coordinates the base animal control program and works closely with the Base Housing Office and Base Veterinarian to enforce base animal control regulations. The Shelter also provides adoption services for domestic animals (dogs & cats) for a modest fee. Anyone who is at least 18 years old can apply to adopt an animal from the Shelter.

Base Access Control Branch
Pass & Identification (Bldgs 20255T/130132/51093)

Pass & ID-Mainside (Bldg 130132): 0730-1530 Mon-Fri (760) 725-2442

Pass & ID-Wire Mountain (Bldg 201017): Pending Grand Opening (760) 725-2768

Pass & ID-San Onofre (Bldg 51093): 0730-1530 Mon-Thur, Fri 0730-1530 (760) 763-6476

The Pass & Identification section issues Department of Defense Identification Cards to all Active Duty Military, Reservist, Dependents, Retirees and eligible Civilian Contractors. Those individuals eligible for enrollment into DEERS can be facilitated provided all required documentation is verified at the time of registration.

Vehicle Registration (Bldgs 20255T/130132/51093)

Pass & ID-Mainside (Bldg 130132): 0730-1530 Mon-Fri (760) 725-2442

Pass & ID-Wire Mountain (Bldg 201017): Pending Grand Opening (760) 725-2768

Pass & ID-San Onofre (Bldg 51093): 0730-1530 Mon-Thur, Fri 0730-1530 (760) 763-6476

The Vehicle Registration section is responsible for the issuance of Department of Defense vehicle decals. Vehicle decals are required in accordance with Base Order P5000.2K in order to gain entry onto Camp Pendleton. Upon submission and verification of a valid Military Identification Card, Drivers License, vehicle registration, and vehicle insurance, a DOD Decal will be issued for a period not to exceed three years. In some instances verification of a California Smog Test may be required. Decals are not issued for commercial vehicles.

Contractor Security (Bldg 41501T)

Business Hours: 6:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday-Thursday, CLOSED Fridays, Telephone 763-7604/7605

Contractors who are interested in the RAPIDGate® Program should call (877) 727-4342.

The Contractor Security section is responsible for the issuing of a 90 day Business Pass to all Civilian Contractors and Vendors who have a need to access the base and do not participate in RAPIDGate®. A letter from the Employer is required as verification that the individual is currently employed by said Company, as well as a letter from the sponsoring unit/section on the base. A background check is conducted for security purposes at the time of application. Upon successful completion of the background check, the applicant is issued a Business Pass, which may then be used to gain entry onto Camp Pendleton.

Physical Security Section
Physical Security/Crime Prevention (Bldg 1525)

Business Hours: 7:30a.m. - 3:30p.m. Monday - Friday

Physical Security 725-9454
Crime Prevention 725-9452

The Physical Security section is tasked with providing base-wide security, force protection and barrier surveys for arms, ammunition storage areas and Area Commanders pre-identified Mission Essential Vulnerability Areas (MEVAs). Additionally, they inspect warehouse, unit headquarters and those buildings/areas with high value/sensitive contents (e.g., disbursing). The Crime Prevention section is tasked with conducting crime prevention surveys of all MCCS facilities and BEQ/BOQs. In addition, this section is responsible for PMO’s media campaign which includes publishing public information and safety articles, distributing crime prevention literature and providing crime prevention lectures during community events; oversight for the base neighborhood watch and the school resource officer programs; oversight of the Base child safety program, which includes child identification and fingerprinting. Lastly, this section also maintains the Base lost and found property.