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Office of the Base Magistrate

The Office of the Base Magistrate operates under the direction and supervision of the MCIWEST-MCB Camp Pendleton Staff Judge Advocate and is primarily responsible for the administration and conduct of Traffic Court,  the adjudication of  incidents of misconduct occurring aboard the Base, the identification, training and supervision of those Field Grade Officers assigned in support of the Initial Review Officer (IRO) process,  and the coordination and liaison with  law enforcement agencies, both civilian and military in order to effect the service of process, subpoenas, warrants, and other civil documents. The Office of the Base Magistrate also monitors the issuance and retraction of all Military Protective Orders (MPOs) issued by Commanders aboard the Base. In addition, the Office of the Base Magistrate monitors and supervises civilian insurance agencies in order to coordinate the appropriate level of access to the Base for their respective agents.   

The Office of the Base Magistrate is located in Building 22161, adjacent to both the Legal Assistance Office and the IPAC.

Points of Contact

Base Magistrate (760) 725-6408
Civil Processing Officer (760) 725-5561
Civil Processing Clerk (760) 725-6408
Base Magistrate Fax (760) 725-5920