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MCB Camp Pendleton Commissary provides the best options on the market

31 Mar 2023 | Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

With food prices skyrocketing in recent years, grocery shopping has become more expensive than ever before. However, the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton Commissary is hard at work to provide service members, families, and all qualifying personnel with competitive prices and significant savings towards their next grocery haul. 

Managed by the Defense Commissary Agency, the Camp Pendleton Commissary network strives to become the primary grocery provider of choice for all eligible patrons. This is accomplished by hardworking professionals who regard customer service and health and safety guidelines as a top priority. The Camp Pendleton Commissary puts their all into building a customer-centric, customer-focused culture that delivers vital and tangible benefits exclusively for our military community and their families.

“We want to be the grocer that provides a choice for our patrons,” said David Brinson, assistant store director of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton Commissary. “While doing that, we go through frequent inspections on our products to ensure it is high quality while being affordable. Not every store goes through the rigorous inspection process that we do.”

 Although the commissary offers a wide variety of benefits, the most evident is the general savings offered to shoppers compared to other major grocers. For instance, commissaries provide overall savings of at least 25% compared to local competitors, depending on geographic location. To put that into perspective; for every $200 dollars spent, a shopper can expect about $50 dollars in savings. 

“We make sure our overall savings are reduced by at least 25% compared to our local market,” explained Brinson. “We frequently look out in town to make sure our prices are at least 25% less compared to the local grocers. Doing this ensures our customers get the prices we need, while also keeping ourselves in check.”

Monetary savings at the base commissary may not be the first concept that comes to mind when ensuring mission readiness. However, by directly assisting service members and their families by reducing their expenses on groceries, commissaries cultivate an increased quality of life, which successfully contributes to the mission.

The Camp Pendleton Commissary aids their customers by not only providing competitive prices, but by providing easier ways to shop as well. A program that does just that is Click2Go, an online shopping program that enables customers to purchase groceries with just a click of a button.

“All you have to do is order groceries online and come in,” stated Brinson. “We even have designated parking spaces for you. It’s very convenient because customers may have a very busy schedule, coming back from work or possibly picking up their kids from school. We want our customers to have as much quality time with their family, and the Click2Go program makes that possible.”

Grocery shopping can often be seen as an unwanted chore. However, the Camp Pendleton Commissary is making steps to make the average adventure to the grocery store a little more manageable. DeCA intends to turn commissaries into a tool that will directly contribute to servicemembers, their families, and their mission.

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Story by Lance Cpl. Agostini


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