Press Release #15-015 - San Onofre area beach utilized during Exercise Dawn Blitz ‘15
4 Sep 2015
Green Beach, located in the northern training area of Camp Pendleton, will be utilized for the first time during Exercise Dawn Blitz 2015. Marine Corps Installations West Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton is providing I Marine Expeditionary Force with the required training areas to allow the evolution of operational maneuver from the ship to objective maneuver for amphibious operations.

Dawn Blitz 2015 strengthens the Navy/Marine Corps team’s amphibious core competency and builds upon the successes and lessons learned of previous exercises in the series. The exercise this year will include an increase in coalition/partner nation participation, a greater focus on crisis response, and an emphasis on live, amphibious operations on multiple objectives.

Dawn Blitz 2015 is a multinational amphibious training exercise, held in Southern California, designed to train Expeditionary Strike Group Three (ESG 3), 1st Marine Expeditionary Brigade (1st MEB), Japan Self Defense Forces (JSDF), Mexican Armed Forces (MAF), and New Zealand Armed Forces (NZAF) in seabasing, amphibious landing and command and control.

The Green Beach Access Point will be used during the exercise. It provides the only amphibious access to the Base's northern training areas, and allows the passage of large tactical vehicles to amphibious training areas on Green Beach and units’ ability to directly travel from the sea to the inland objectives during exercises.

The renovation of the Green Beach operation access corridor began July 8, 2013 and was opened Sept. 3, 2014. The renovation of the bridge at the access point has since provided expanded training and tactical options to units conducting amphibious exercises off the 1200 meter long beach. The construction replaced timber trestles with a more permanent concrete structure that supports large tactical vehicles and maneuvers by providing a wider portal and allowing for more practical and safer access to Camp Pendleton's Northern training areas.



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