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Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton


Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

"The West Coast's Premier Expeditionary Training Base"

Incident Reporting

Hazardous Substance Releases

 - If any of the following conditions apply, immediately call 911:
       o The release presents a life threatening situation
       o The release is reacting uncontrollably or on fire
       o The release is in or is threatening water
       o The release has or is likely to migrate off-Base
       o The release is above the following reportable quantities:

 • POLs, JP-5, F-24, Diesel:     42 gallons  
 • Gasoline:     5 gallons  
 • Paint:      42 gallons  
 • Super tropical bleach:     1 gallon  
 • DS-2:     1 gallon  
 • Sulfuric acid:     1 gallon  
 • Unknown chemical:     Any quantity  
 • Compressed gas:     Any leak  

    - If the all of the above immediate alert conditions DO NOT apply, call:
           o 760-725-9743, or
           o 760-542-5758 (after hours)

Illegal Dumping: 
Non-storm Water Discharges:  760-725-9760 or 760-763-7880
Sewage Spills: 760-725-4018 or 760-622-7264 (after hours)
Wildlife Incidents:  760-725-3360
Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE):