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Staying fit: Beyond the New Year's resolution

By Lance Cpl. Michelle S. Mattei | | January 11, 2012

It’s that time of year again, when we all promise that with the New Year will come a new and improved version of ourselves via the infamous “New Year’s Resolution.”

Most New Year’s resolution abiders swear to stick by their new routine, especially when it comes to staying fit or getting back into shape. However, as the year trudges on, those resolutions seem to fade as quickly as they began.

Camp Pendleton’s Semper Fit specialists had a few tips and clues to help Marines and sailors stick with their new routines and resolutions beyond the peak season of getting into shape.

“Being healthy is a lifestyle,” said Joe Artino, fitness programs supervisor, Semper Fit Division. “The number one key is setting realistic goals for yourself. Saying that you want to lose 10 pounds in one week isn’t practical, so when someone doesn’t reach that goal they lose their motivation to continue trying. Making short and long-term goals are key components to healthy living.”

The holiday season can make even the most athletic person get a little complacent, said Artino. Everyone enjoys the apple pie and time off, so getting back into the swing of things isn’t exactly easy.

 “You need to have something to actually work toward like to get a perfect [Physical Fitness Test] or to lose weight before your wedding. To ‘get in shape’ isn’t a practical goal because there is no ending reward,” explained Artino. “You have to remember to reward yourself for your accomplishments or losing motivation is easy.”

Marines and sailors should always have operational readiness in mind, explained Artino, and that includes physical and mental health, as well as a positive social well-being.

“As service members, you need to be combat-ready at all times,” said Yvonne Warfield, group exercise coordinator, Semper Fit Division. “All year long, Marines and sailors have to be physically and mentally strong, so we have over 50 programs to help stay fit.”

Personal trainers are available free of cost to all service members, as well as various conditioning classes at all the different fitness centers on base. Marines and sailors can attend interval training, kickboxing, yoga, Zumba, cycling and many others."

"Your true motivation should be to want to be healthy,” said Warfield. “Stay fit and healthy all year long, not just for the New Year.”