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Security Manager

All personnel visiting/requesting access to AC/S G-6 and to AC/S G-6 controlled installations must contact the Security Manager IAW the following references:

SECNAV 5510.36
SECNAV 5510.30
MCO P5510.14A

Visitor Process:

1. All visitors will submit a Visitor Authorization Letter (VAL), in accordance with References, regardless of Civilian or Military affiliation.

2. The request must arrive at least three weeks in advance to allow time to validate visitor information.

3. If the visitor requires access to classified information, they must be cleared by the AC/S G-6, DAA or Operations Division. The Security Manager will validate Clearance via JPAS system to include information that will be discussed with the visitors.

4. Controlled Unclassified information such as FOUO and SBU may contain limits of dissemination or special marking prior to dissemination, therefore that information must also be cleared prior to any discussions at meetings.

5. All personnel visiting may not have access to restricted areas and information is based on need to know only.

6. A copy of the VAL may be found in the Documents tab of this webpage.

7. Once the VAL is completed, fax to the number listed below with "ATTN: Security Manager".


Security Manager

          (760) 725-1975

DSN 365-1975


          (760) 725-1122

DSN 365-1122


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