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Frequently Asked Questions

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton has been directed to implement policies that focus on the access control procedures for visitors. Camp Pendleton has, and is improving steps to address unauthorized access to the base and the protection of forces, residents and civilian employees. These policies are intended to help Marines accomplish the mission and keep families aboard Camp Pendleton safe.


Who is allowed aboard Camp Pendleton?

• Department of Defense affiliates and/or their authorized family members

• Authorized individuals or groups who desire to conduct business

• Representatives of religious organizations wishing to conduct activities

• Employees working and students attending internal schools and colleges

• Authorized civilians who provide for Exceptional Family Members

• Authorized civilians who volunteer with on-base agencies

• Authorized official guests of a military member or command

• Authorized visitors desiring access for non-work related activities with a sponsor


What is the Sponsored Visitors Program?

The Sponsored Visitor Program (SVP), announced in BASEGRAM 22-09, is for frequent social visitors that may require access to Camp Pendleton more than three times in any 45 day period. The program allows authorized persons or organizations to sponsor an individual for a specified period of time up to 90 days. A Camp Pendleton sponsor is required to complete a Visitor Sponsorship Form and submit it to the Provost Marshal Office. Active Duty Sponsors who have a Common Access Card (CAC) and can digitally sign a Visitor Sponsorship Form may submit the form electronically to or use the MCB CAMPEN SPONSORED VISITOR distribution list on the NMCI Global Address List (GAL). Please use FOUO: SPONSORED VISITOR as the subject of the email and allow three to four business days to process the form.

Sponsors who are not able to digitally sign and submit the form can print, sign and deliver the form to any gate or Bldg 1523, where the sponsor's identity will be verified in person.

The SVP simply replaces paper visitor passes with an electronic database. The SVP is for frequent social visitors and not for anyone conducting business or employment aboard Camp Pendleton.

Sponsored visitors must present their driver license to the sentry at an installation access control point (gate) and indentify who they are going to visit. The sentry will scan the driver license and record the driver's name, license number, and date, time and location of entry. The license is authenticated and an instant background check through open public sources is conducted. After favorable results, the visitor is allowed to proceed aboard the installation. 

Click here to access the Sponsored Visitor Form on Naval Forms Online


Select - Forms

Select - Keyword Search

Enter “sponsored” in the search criteria field and select - Search


Click the icon that looks like a page with a green arrow and follow additional instructions.


What gates may sponsored visitors use?

Sponsored visitors may access Camp Pendleton through the San Luis Rey, Main, Del Mar, Las Pulgas, Cristianitos and the San Onofre gates only.


What if I'm not a sponsored visitor and want to access the base more than three times in a 45 day period?

You will not be allowed to access the installation after your third visit unless you have an authorized sponsor.


What types of passes are available to get on base?

The types of passes include: Contractor/Business Vendor (RAPID Gate Credential, Business Pass); Base Support Passes (Exceptional Family Member Pass, School Pass, Volunteer Pass); Command Guest Pass, and the Game Warden Pass.


What might keep me from getting on base?

Denial or revocation of any official base authorized access pass may be made if the individual:

• Is listed on the National Terrorist Watch List

• Is not a U.S. Citizen and is illegally present in the U.S. or whose U.S. citizenship, immigration status, or Social Security

Number cannot be verified.

• Is subject to an outstanding criminal warrant of any type.

• Whose business pass application contains false or fraudulent information.

• Has a felony conviction within the last 10 years.

• Is a registered sex offender regardless of the date of the criminal offense.

• Has obtained a felony conviction for the following types of criminal offenses:

    o Offenses of a sexual nature

    o Offenses of violence

    o Offenses related to gang activity, supremacist, or extremist behavior

    o Crimes resulting from the possession, use, manufacture, introduction, or distribution of any illegal drug listed in the

        Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention & Control Act of 1970, schedules I through V.

    o Offenses in which weapon instrumentality (e.g., firearm, knife or other bladed instrument, club, brass knuckles) was

        used either as a means of violence, or a threat of violence.

• Whose military active duty was terminated by the receipt of a dishonorable discharge or bad conduct discharge.

• Has been issued a debarment order and is currently banned from military installations.

• Has exhibited characteristics, traits or other indications that cause concern for the health, safety or welfare of personnel

and/or residents aboard the base; or that cause concern for the physical security or environment of the base.


My access to the base was denied. Can I submit an appeal to request a reconsideration of this decision?

Yes. Please call the Base Access Control Branch at 760-763-7601/7604 for information regarding the appeal process.


What do I need for my vehicle to access base?

Decals are issued to military personnel and their authorized family members, DoD government employees, as well as Common Access Card (CAC) authorized civilian contractors. All vehicles are subject to installation rules and regulations. Visitors must provide current liability insurance, current registration and proof of valid driver's license.


Are base tours available?

Large group tours are available on a first come, first serve basis . The previously available self-guided tours are no longer authorized unless you have a military sponsor. Contact the Community Relations Office with questions, or to schedule a tour at: (760) 725-5799.


Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Contact the Base Access Control Branch at (760) 763-7604.