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Swim qual: a safeguard against "lost at sea" October 11, 2002 — A CH-53 Super Stallion is operating along the coast in a hot zone when enemy fire sends the bird plummeting into the water.You are carrying a full combat load and you're under heavy fire. Marines around you are panicking and you're starting to sink. What do you do?Breathe, relax and do what you learned in Combat Water Survival Qualification."Many MORE
GI Bill gets $100 bump October 11, 2002 — Service members who receive the Montgomery GI Bill now get an extra $100 in their monthly education benefit. According to U.S. Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey, the raise is 12.5 percent and increases the monthly allowance from $800 to $900. The raise is the second of three scheduled benefit bumps. In 2001, Congress approved the Veterans Education MORE
Vaccine resumption plan briefed October 4, 2002 — I Marine Expeditionary Force leaders, including representatives from the 1st Force Service Support Group, 1st Marine Division and 3rd Marine Air Wing, received a brief Tuesday morning from Navy Capt. Joel Lees, the I MEF surgeon, about the unit's resumption of the Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program. Educating senior leaders was the next step MORE
Dormant credit cards deactivated October 4, 2002 — More than 1,800 Pendleton Marines had their government credit card deactivated Friday for not using them in the past 12 months. "This is not a bad thing," said Maj. Michael J. Steele, I Marine Expeditionary Force's deputy comptroller. According to Marine Corps Order 4600.40A, any Marine who travels less than three times a year does not need a MORE
Base maneuvering to tame "Dead Man's" October 4, 2002 — Shrouded in a dark history of vehicular accidents, including seven this year, a treacherous bend on Basilone Road known as "Dead Man's Curve" is being redesigned in hopes of reducing its human toll.A contract was awarded to Vasquez Marshall, a consulting firm, and others to do a preliminary study on the curve and estimate the cost of taming MORE
Mechanical muscle mecca opens October 4, 2002 — Six Marine Corps veterans whose 55-mile march from San Diego founded Camp Pendleton 60 years ago were on hand Friday for the opening of a museum that memorializes a Marine Corps on the move during that era and beyond. Fifteen vehicles and weapons are featured inside one-third of a World War II-vintage warehouse at the foot of Rattlesnake Canyon MORE
MCT: ;Where noninfantry Marines get once-over in infantry tactics October 4, 2002 — With the sun beating down upon them, Marines, still new to the Corps, braved the scorching sun and continued with Marine Combat Training Sept. 20-24 at Camp Day in the Quebec Impact Area here.Approximately 370 Marines from all types of military occupational specialties learned skills theyÕll need when they join the Fleet Marine Force after MORE
Marines add a military angle to seaside fun and pageantry September 26, 2002 — The smell of sizzling food mixed with the ocean's scent, hundreds of boats in the harbor, bands playing in the background, arts and crafts galore, and smiling faces can only mean one thing, Harbor Days at Oceanside Harbor. Last weekend marked the 22nd annual Harbor Days in Oceanside. Residents from Oceanside and surrounding communities were in MORE
Anthrax vaccine back in business September 26, 2002 — The Department of Defense has ordered a threat-based resumption of the anthrax vaccine for service members, including Marines and sailors here. The Marine Corps announced in an administrative message Sept. 20 that the Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program will resume for service members who fall into certain priority groups or are in one of 13 MORE
Watchful eye now peeled in GOVs September 26, 2002 — When certain government vehicles roll aboard Camp Pendleton, so are cameras mounted inside, a new way to reveal the cause of accidents that drain Marine Corps coffers. The cameras attached to rear-view mirrors are designed to induce motorists who know they're being watched to drive more responsibly, according to Jennifer Dunn, accident coordinator MORE

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