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Camp Pendleton News
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New unit to provide 'alternative' to brig September 07, 2000 — Combating minor infractions, rather than destroying a young Marine's career, is the focus of the Correctional Custody Unit that will be implemented here next month. The CCU provides commanding officers with the means to discipline first term Marines, lance corporal and below, without resorting to a court-martial conviction. If the command feels MORE
HMM-268 is first MAG-39 ACE September 07, 2000 — For the first time in Marine Corps history, a Camp Pendleton based squadron will be the Air Combat Element for a Marine Expeditionary Unit. Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 268 is scheduled to deploy as the first Marine Aircraft Group 39 composite squadron ACE for a Southern California MEU in March 2001. Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 267 MORE
Marines serve hot food in primitive conditions September 07, 2000 — Tucked away in the brush of the Las Pulgas Area, amid a myriad of camouflaged field tents in support of Ulchi Focus Lens 00, lurks the distinct aroma of hot chow, a rarity in most field environments. Thirteen Marines from Headquarters and Service Battalion, 1st Force Service Support Group, Food Service Platoon, have been working around the clock MORE
RSU: Tiny outpost rapidly readies large reserve contigents August 31, 2000 — More than 25,000 reservists a year train at the Reserve Support Unit nestled in the heart of Camp Talega, the northern-most camp here.The RSU ensures more than 250 reserve units are taken care of when they come to Camp Pendleton to prepare for different contingencies.If Marines were ever to do something like Desert Storm again, the RSU would turn MORE
Marine dies performing heroic act August 24, 2000 — In the history of Marine Corps warfighting, there is no shortage of heroes, whom at times, risked their lives to save others and paid the ultimate price - death.  But with death, came certain honor, and to that list of fallen heroes, the Corps has added a name in peacetime, Cpl. Jeremy J. Fulk. Fulk, a rifleman and squad leader with 3rd Platoon, B MORE
Cannoneer sergeant wise beyond his rank August 24, 2000 — Sergeant Jason D. Longmire calmly strides down a catwalk away from B Battery, 1st Battalion, 11th Marine Regiment's offices as Marines from the battery "form it up" for the last time before a three-day weekend. Making his way to his room, Longmire pauses and shouts in an authoritative voice to one of his corporal's to make sure the weekend duty MORE
Marines continue to battle Idaho blazes August 19, 2000 — So far, the fire has burned more than 156,000 acres at the Salmon National Forest and is currently 30 percent contained.  When the Marines arrived in Idaho August 5, the fire was considered out of control, according to Aaron Gelobter, deputy incident commander. "The Marines have made a big difference in our ability to control this fire," he said.  MORE
Marines enjoy a little free time in Idaho August 19, 2000 — Yellow and green flame-resistant uniforms were popular in Salmon, Idaho, last week as Task Force Wildfire Marines visited the town for a day of rest and relaxation. Beginning 16 August, the four task force companies rotated days off.  The National Interagency Fire Center decided that giving firefighters one day off for every 14 work days would MORE
Showers, hot food await firefighters August 17, 2000 — Task Force Wildfire Marines have a warm welcoming as they return dirty and hungry to base camp after 10 to 16 hours of firefighting duties. Civilian contractors have set up facilities, including showers, sinks, a phone tent and dining area, directly next to the formation of Marines' tents.  "This is, by far, better than anything we're used to.  I MORE
Firefighter says Corps set him straight August 17, 2000 — Ray Thompson wanted to be a firefighter since he was 19 years old.  In 1967 and after one year of college, something threatened Thompson's goal-the draft. "I knew I was going to be drafted," he said.  "That's when I decided to join the Corps." Thompson, from Montebello, Calif. recalls his boot camp experience and time in the Marine Corps Reserve MORE

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