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Consumer Law - Legal Services Support Section-West
The Legal Services Support Section at Camp Pendleton offers assistance to individuals with legal problems in regards to billing errors, defective goods, theft or fraudulent use of your credit, landlord tenant issues, and contracts.

Anyone concerned with one of these issues may meet with an attorney during our walk-in hours on Tuesday and Thursday at 0700. Our attorneys will be able to provide guidance on the law, but will not be able to represent you in court.

The attorneys will also be able to recommend the correct course of action to take, or contact the opposing party in order to resolve the dispute. In order to help the attorney it is important that you bring all necessary documents with you to the walk-in appointment.

Your documents will provide the attorney with the necessary information in order to act on your behalf and settle your dispute.

Certain issues can be handled through Small Claims Court. Small Claims is a proceeding where both parties come before a judge without lawyers and tell their story. The judge will then make a determination based on the facts presented. Small Claims Court can be an inexpensive alternative. For more information please read the
Small Claims Court document.

Another useful source of information is

All three credit bureaus will allow consumers to "freeze" their credit histories to counter the threat of identity theft. Each Credit Reporting Agency usually will charge $10 to "freeze" or "thaw" an account.