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Child Support - Legal Services Support Section-West
Child Support

  1. This applies when the child is a dependnt of an active duty Marine
  2. Child Support may be obtained by:
    • Valid court order.
    • Written agreement between the parties.
    • Pursuant to Chapter 15 of the Legal Admin Manual (See Below) in absence of “a” or “b”.

Key point that you should understand about Chapter 15

  1. First, it is enforced by the service member’s chain of command. No legal assistance attorney can force the service member to pay his or her support obligations.
  2. Legal assistance attorneys can only contact the service member’s command on behalf of our client. Commands, not the Legal Assistance Office, adjudicate nonsupport complaints.
  3. Remember Chapter 15 is a military obligation, not a legal obligation. You have no recourse in any California courts when a command declines to take action on a nonsupport complaint.
  4. Finally, Chapter 15 Only applies in the absence of a state court order on support.
  5. Here is a website where you can calculate how much you should be getting according to Chapter 15 of the Legal Admin Manual:

The State of California child support guidelines
This applies when the child is physically located in California or California has taken jurisdiction of the case for any reason.

If you already have a court order that is not being followed you can print out this form Order to Show Cause “OSC”.

It is important that you either print this form out or you stop by the office and pick one up to have ready for your appointment.

Order to Show Cause worksheet:
Order to Show Cause

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