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The Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton Safety Center’s mission is to promote the combat readiness of operating forces by providing safety support services. Our goals are to train all Marine Corps Base commands and organizations in occupational safety and health; mishap reduction and Federal Employees' Compensation Act costs through an aggressive safety program, and to exceed the reduction goals set by the Secretary of Defense, and Headquarters Marine Corps Safety Division. Our customers are Base personnel, the operating forces, extended Marine Families, tenant commands, and occasional Reserve components.

Our staff and contact information:     

 Safety Hotline    763-SAFE
 Director    (760) 725-3475
 Deputy Director    (760) 763-6410
 Admin Officer    (760) 763-2443
 Ground Safety Manager    (760) 725-3673
 OSH Supervisor    (760) 763-2333
 Special Programs Supervisor    (760) 763-2367
 Tactical Safety Supervisor    (760) 763-5332
 Traffic Safety Manager    (760) 763-5070
 Motorcycle Training Site Coordinator    (760) 725-2897
 Explosives Safety    (760) 763-4817

For all training related questions and course nominations email: CPEN_SAFE_TRNG@usmc.mil

Self Inspection Checklist

Safety Training

FY19 Ground Safety for Marines (GSM) Course, Camp Pendleton, (CID: M10M8SA)










1 OCT 2018

15 OCT 2018

26 OCT 2018

BLDG. 13131



14 JAN 2019

28 JAN 2019

8 FEB 2019

BLDG. 13131



1 APR 2019

15 APR 2019

26 APR 2019

BLDG. 13131



3 JUN 2019

17 JUN 2019

28 JUN 2019

BLDG. 13131



29 JUL 2019

12 AUG 2019

23 AUG 2019

BLDG. 13131

Disenrollment policy for students enrolled in the Ground Safety for Marines Course (GSM)

1) Please note that appointment letters and RSO certificates for the Ground Safety for Marines (GSM) course will be due to the Base Safety Center (CID M10M8SA) NLT two weeks prior to start of published course dates.  This is to ensure course quota requirements have been vetted, and students can receive notice of registration in a sufficient time.

2) There are minimum and maximum quota requirements set forth by TECOM per course, therefore nomination requests must be submitted as soon as possible for registration assurance.

3) Please send all corresponding information regarding the GSM through the Unit Safety Officer or Manager. This ensures all prerequisites are met prior to submission of nominees to Base Safety. All appointment letters and Range Safety Officer (RSO) certificates of completion will be collected by the unit Safety Officers and Managers. All course correspondence will be sent to the Base Safety Training email site @ CPEN_SAFE_TRNG@USMC.MIL

PREREQUISITES: USMC E-6 or equivalent and above, 0-1 to 0-4 serving in ground safety billets. All personnel must have at least 12 months remaining until their end of active service (EAS) date from the course completion date. All personnel must complete the Range Safety Course (RTAMRSOCAA) on MarineNet and email the completion certificate and a copy of their safety appointment letter by or prior to the deadline date. Nominations will not be given a seat if all prerequisites are not met.

For additional information, please contact Camilla Llantada @ (760) 763-5328 or Mr. Dale Waldren @ (760) 763-2366. Or send an email to CPEN_SAFE_TRNG@usmc.mil

FY19 Collateral Duty Safety Representative (CDSR) Course

2019101 30 05-Nov-18 07-Nov-18 Bldg. 13131, Safety Classroom
2019102 30 25-Feb-19 27-Feb-19 Bldg. 13131, Safety Classroom
2019103 30 6-May-19 09-May-19 Bldg. 13131, Safety Classroom
2019104 30 15-Jul-19 18-Jul-19 Bldg. 13131, Safety Classroom
2019105 30 09-Sep-19 12-Sep-19 Bldg. 13131, Safety Classroom


Disenrollment policy for students enrolled in the Collateral Duty Safety Representatives Course (CDSR)

1. Safety training is a key component to establishing and managing a successful safety program.  Mishap reduction and force preservation results from personnel trained to recognize and mitigate hazards in both garrison and field environments.

2. Currently, Ground Safety Officers (GSO) and Ground Safety Managers (GSM), receive formal school training via the two week Ground Safety for Marines formal school within 90 days of assignment.  This training provides core instruction for managing  the commanders safety program.  Ground Safety for Marines is designed for officers and SNCOs, which leaves a void for training command safety representatives.

3. MCIWEST-MCB CAMPEN developed a Collateral Duty Safety Representatives (CDSR) Course targeting E-5 and below. This course focuses primarily on curriculum which will aid the GSO/GSM in performing safety duties as per Marine Corps and Federal Orders and Directives.

4. This course has recently been extended from three (3) days to (4) days as is reflected in all classes starting with class 2019103.  This course is held five (5) times per fiscal year aboard Camp Pendleton in Building 13131 from 0700 - 1600.

5. The nomination form is posted to this website.  Please fill it out and send it to the POCs listed below.

For additional information, please contact GySgt Esther Wade at 760-763-2364 or Mr. Dale Waldren at 760-763-2366. Or send an email to CPEN_SAFE-TRNG@usmc.mil.

CDSR Nomination Form

• OSHA 10/30 Hour General Industry Safety Course
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No courses currently scheduled  

Safety Information
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