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The Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton Safety Center's mission is to promote the combat readiness of operating forces by providing safety support services. Our goals are to train all Marine Corps Base commands and organizations in occupational safety and health; mishap reduction and Federal Employees' Compensation Act costs through an aggressive safety program, and to exceed the reduction goals set by the Secretary of Defense, and Headquarters Marine Corps Safety Division. Our customers are Base personnel, the operating forces, extended Marine Families, tenant commands, and occasional Reserve components.


Critical Days of Summer 2021 Newsletter:

Week 1 – Watercraft Safety (Click Here)
Week 2 – Heat Injury (Click Here)
Week 3 – Hiking Safety (Click Here)
Week 4 – Critter Safety (Click Here)
Week 5 – Rules of the Road (Click Here)
Week 6 – Fire Safety (Click Here)
Week 7 – Home/BBQ/ Cooking Safety (Click Here)
Week 8 – Bicycle Safety (Click Here)
Week 9 – Travel Safety (Click Here)
Week 10 – The Fatal Four (Click Here)
Week 11 – Biological Hazards (Click Here)
Week 12 – DUI Awareness (Click Here)
Week 13 – Swimming Safety (Click Here)
Week 14 – Motorcycle Safety (Click Here)
Week 15 - Complacency (Click Here)


Our staff and contact information:

Safety Hotline763-SAFE (7233)

Deputy Director(760) 763-6410

Ground Safety Manager : (760) 725-5332

OSH Supervisor : (760) 763-2333

Traffic Safety Manager : (760) 763-5070

Motorcycle Training Site Coordinator : (760) 725-2897

Explosives Safety : (760) 763-4817

Ergonomics / Radiation : (760) 763-0254

Lockout-Tagout / Lead / Asbestos : (760) 763-2367

Fall Protection / Respiratory Protection / Confined Space : (760) 763-2366

VPP : (760) 763-5328

Mishap Reporting / ESAMS : (760) 763-5334

SNCOIC : (760) 763-2364

For all safety related questions please email:
For all safety training questions and course nominations please email:

Safety Information
MCI-West Whistleblower Protection Policy
Unsafe-Unhealthful Report Form

NOTICE:  The following safety support are CANCELLED until further notice.

1. Large/Mass training and Safety Stand downs will be discontinued until further notice.

2. Quarterly Supervisor Safety Committee meetings will be discontinued until further notice.

3. Safety Inspections and assist visits (annual facility inspections, program inspections, explosive safety annual site inspections) will be discontinued until further notice.

4. Our ESAMS training classes for customers.


Continue as needed (with reduced sizes of no more than 9 students):

1.  Our Traffic Training classes Motorcycle, off road and behavioral (alive @ 25 and Remedial Driver courses) will be cut to 9 students or fewer per class until further notice. See Covid-19 Update HERE.

2. Respiratory Protection, Confined Space, and Trenching and Excavation.

3.  Our Explosive Driver/WHE operator courses.

4. CDC/Day Care Quarterly inspections.

5. High Risk Training Sites (Semi Annual).

6. Hazard Complaint Inspections.




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