Package Submission Timeline

 •    Our shop works on an appointment schedule to provide the Marine with 100% of our attention. Please call or stop by to get on our calendar. This applies to all ranks. When returning packages, please call to make a quick 5 minute appointment to review the package for errors and explain the next steps regarding the interview processes.

 •    Marines who are reenlisting NEED to confirm who their Reenlisting Officer is along with time and date when they send back the confirmation email. We are making too many changes after the fact.

 •    Marines that are permanent personnel with pending packages at HQMC will be contacted by the Career Planner’s Office when a final determination has been made. Please contact us only once a week to get a status check on your request.  Rest assured that we shall contact you all by email and personal cell phone within 24 hours of receiving a response from HQMC.

 •    Marines who are FAP/TAD to us should be emailing or calling for a status update since they do not fall under our scope (RUC)- -we are unable to see their package without a full SSN.

 •    We would like to make sure Marines understand that it is YOUR responsibility to contact our office at least 120 days from your EAS regarding any type of package to allow proper handling time.