MISSION: To provide commanders with an efficient separations/retirement processing for the Marines stationed aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. To provide timely issuance of permanent change of station orders and the information related to the orders process.

The Outbound Center is located in building 22162. Hours of operation are from 0730 – 1630 Monday – Friday.

The Outbound Center is comprised of the Orders Section, the Retirement/Resignation and Separations Section.

The Orders Section processes PCA, and PCS orders directing Marines to transfer from Camp Pendleton or from unit to unit aboard the base. The Retirement/Resignation Section processes all officer and enlisted retirements, officer resignations and transfers to the FMCR for enlisted Marines. The Separations Section processes all regular separations, administrative separations, physical evaluation board separations (PEB), and all separations from overseas commands such as Okinawa and Iwakuni.

Online Information:
Marines who are checking out or in the process of retiring or separating can obtain the necessary documents to fill out prior to coming to the Outbound Center.

Helpful Numbers:
• Separations: (760) 763-7934/1066
• PCS/PCA Orders: (760) 763-1075
• Retirements/Resignations: (760) 763-1063/1315

MCB Camp Pendleton
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