Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton


Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

"The West Coast's Premiere Expeditionary Training Base"
Tier Explanation

We want to take a second to clarify the Tier recommendations we have been seeing. From speaking with Colonel Cordero, a true Tier I Marine (TOP 10%) should be as follows or very close to this description utilizing the WHOLE Marine concept.

1. Above average 1st class PFT and CFT

2. Above average Pros/Cons – 4.5 or higher

3. Expert rifle/pistol

4. MCMAP Green belt or higher

5. Has been meritoriously promoted

6. Has been on recent meritorious promotion/Marine of the Quarter boards

7. Current swim & NBC Qualification

8. PME complete

9. Read all 4 books from the CMC’s mandatory list (Message to Garcia,    Warrior Ethos, War fighting and Leading Marines), perhaps some off duty education

10. Special duty assignments (SDA) complete if applicable

11. True expert in MOS

12. No negative pg. 11s, NJPs or courts martial

13. within height & weight standards

Tier II Marines (Top 11% down to 59%) should be the Marines just outside the parameters mentioned above (for example, low first class PFT & CFT scores, sharpshooter); Tier III (bottom 60% down to 11%) Marines will definitely fall short of above. Tier IV (Bottom 10%) Marines will most certainly have a hard time reenlisting as we have seen none approved to date.