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The Pest Management Program at MCIWEST-MCB Camp Pendleton manages pests and controls disease vectors by utilizing pest management tools in a way that minimizes economic, health, and environmental risks.

Camp Pendleton uses a variety of pest control methods, and prefers non-toxic solutions to chemical use. Non-toxic methods involve surveillance and education, good housekeeping (sanitation), exclusion, and mechanical means (trapping and vegetation removal).

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-For Military Cantonment Areas, Buildings, and Training Structures, submit a service ticket with Facilities Maintenance Customer Service/MAXIMO at (760) 725-4683.

-For Lincoln Military Housing, submit a service request at (888) 578-4141, or log into their website at

-For Hunt Military Housing, submit a service request at (844) 887-6840, or log into their website at

-For MCCS Operated Locations, contact MCCS Procurement at (760) 725-5690 for a list of approved pest control vendors to schedule service.

-To purchase Ready-To-Use pesticides/herbicides for small scale bug and weed control, have your Battalion Environmental Compliance Coordinator fill out the Pesticide Self-Help Statement of Need (see below link) and send to the Installation Pest Management Coordinator.

Statement of Need

-Contact the Naval Hospital’s Preventative Medicine Department at 760-725-1270 for information on pests of medical importance (cockroaches, mosquitoes, and bed bugs), public health pest prevention, and emergency planning for vector-borne diseases such as West Nile Virus.

-Contact the Environmental Security Department’s Natural Resources Management office at (760) 725-4637 for information on control and management of invasive plants, terrestrial weeds, and forest pests.

-For assistance with Wildlife Conflicts (e.g. snakes, skunks, and large predators), contact a Conservation Law Enforcement Officer at (760) 725-3360.

-For assistance with Domestic Animal Control, contact the Provost Marshal’s Law Enforcement Program at (760) 725-3024.

For additional information, contact the Installation Pest Management Coordinator at (760) 725-9757 or (760) 815-8223.

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