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Communication Strategy and Operations (COMMSTRAT)
For assistance to directors, producers and writers in the entertainment industry (Movies & TV), click the above link.

Camp Pendleton Communication Strategy and Operations



Office: (760)-725-5799

Photo Studio: (760) 725-6181
* Provides official & command board photography

Community Relations Section: (760)-725-5799

* Provides information regarding base tours, Color Guard and other special requests.

Media Engagement Section: (760)-763-2760 -
* Assists with all media queries and escorts aboard Camp Pendleton.
* For after hours & weekend queries on deadline, please call (760) 207-1443

Production Section: (760) 725-6202 -
* Produces video, photographic and print news items for publication to commands numerous web & social media sites.

Graphic/Printing: (760) 725-6479
* Provides professional quality graphics & reproduction products. 

Camp Pendleton Webmaster: (760)-

Box 555019
Marine Corps Installations West - Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton
Communication Strategy and Operations (COMMSTRAT) Office
Camp Pendleton, CA 92055-5019

Base Information Line: (760)-725-4111
Provides connection service for all non-public affairs related matters (e.g. legal or police matters, Marine unit locator and base access).

Entertainment Media Liaison Office (Motion Pictures & Television)
* Please contact the Entertainment Media Liaison Office above for Department of Defense support for major motion pictures, television shows, video games and documentaries.

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton