Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton


Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

"The West Coast's Premiere Expeditionary Training Base"
Natural Resources Division
Camp Pendleton's natural resources are managed by the Natural Resources Department, which consists of two Divisions: (1) Resource Management and (2) Resource Planning. Budgetary planning and allocation for the Department is provided by the AC/S ES Program Manager and Budget Office, with input from the various resource branches' technical personnel.

The mission of the Natural Resources Department is:

"To develop, manage and oversee implementation of the programs that protect and assure the ability of Base natural and cultural resources to support and sustain mission requirements and compliance with applicable environmental regulations."

Mr. Stanley W. Norquist
Department Head
AC/S Environmental Security
(760) 725-9747
Resource Management Branch

The Resource Management Branch Manager supervises four sections: (1) Wildlife Management Section, staffed with Wildlife Biologists and Biological Technicians; (2) Land Management Branch, staffed with Ecologists and Natural Resource Specialists; (3) Resource Enforcement and Compliance Section, staffed with a Game Warden/Conservation Supervisor, Game Wardens, and Biological Technicians, and (4) Archaeological Resources Section, staffed with an Archaeologist and cultural resources personnel.

Mr. Charles M. (Mike) Hamilton Branch Head
AC/S Environmental Security
(760) 725-4637

For Wildlife Interdiction please Call Game Warden directly at (760)725-3360

Camp Pendleton's natural resource management philosophy is that management programs should achieve the objectives of regulatory requirements and foster stewardship of the resources entrusted to Marine Corps while not constraining the ability to accomplish established and future military training requirements. Camp Pendleton's intent is to preclude long term damage and degradation to training lands by managing natural resources effectively through time.

Ultimately, the success of Camp Pendleton's natural resources management is reflected in the long term sustainability of species populations and ecosystem functions, the maintenance of regulatory compliance, and in the continued ability of Camp Pendleton to support the military mission.

"Southern California is one of the most biologically diverse regions in the continental United States. It supports a variety of habitat types and contains the greatest number of plant and wildlife species identified by the federal government as threatened or endangered. Natural resources on Camp Pendleton reflect the rich diversity of species and habitat types formerly present within the region. The great diversity and abundance of plant and wildlife resources on Camp Pendleton provide many ecological, aesthetic, recreational, and military values to the Base, its residents, and the general public".

Resource Planning Division
The Environmental Planning Division Manager supervises three branches, each staffed by a multi-disciplinary team: (1) Strategic Environmental Planning Branch, (2) Project Oversight Branch, and (3) NEPA Branch.