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Reserve Support UnitDeployment Processing Command


Reserve Support UnitDeployment Processing Command

Camp Pendleton

Camp Pendleton, CA
Naval Reserve Mobilization Information

NMPS Camp Pendleton is currently deactivated. Refer to NMPS at DPC East, Camp Lejeune NC


The Navy Mobilization Processing Site (NMPS) at Camp Pendleton provides integrated mobilization and demobilization processing of Reservists recalled to Active Duty

In addition, the NMPS will provide support to DoD or Navy civilian employees and/or active duty Navy personnel deploying in support of crises, contingency response, or mobilization as directed.

Activated Sailors

If you are a Navy Program 9/5 Reservist (Corpsman, Chaplain, Doctor) mobilized in support of Marine Corps operations with orders to report to the Camp Pendleton NMPS (Building# 64434), you will undergo processing in the same manner as activated Marines; however, your adminsitrative records will be maintained by the NMPS staff.

After screening and processing have been completed, qualified individuals assigned to SMCR units will proceed with their units to the gaining command. Non-assigned individuals will be assigned to the DPC Holding Companies for further training as required.