Reserve Support UnitDeployment Processing Command


Reserve Support UnitDeployment Processing Command

Camp Pendleton

Camp Pendleton, CA
Mobilization Information

Overview: This page is intended to give you, the mobilized Marines and Sailors (go to the NMPS page for information specific to Sailors), an idea of what to expect from the mobilization process at the Deployment Processing Command (DPC), Camp Talega. It covers what you need to do from the time that you receive your notification of recall in the mail through to the end of your check-out from the DPC to your Gaining Force Command (GFC). The information is divided into the following sections:

Receipt of Orders
Contact Information
Items to Bring
Documents to Bring
Deployment Requirements
Directions to the DPC
Reporting in

Receipt of Orders

Once you have received your mobilization orders, you should ensure that you read them carefully and verify that all of the information is correct.

Online AccessIt is highly recommended and encouraged to ensure that each member has both Marine-On-Line and Mypay accounts. Apply through the following links:

Marine Online
DFAS Mypay

Contact Information

After receiving your orders, you may want to gain more information about how to prepare for mobilization. To get more information, use the DOD Guide links above or use the following contact points:

Marine Corps Mobilization Command: 1-800-255-5082 x3291/x3292

Contact DPC Processing Office at 763-4965 or 763-1080. Also, you may check the DPC/RSU Contact List

Items to Bring

Depending on the final destination in your orders, you may need to bring additional items. Gear checklists for different commands are available through the DPC Processing Office. The minimum gear list that you will be required to bring with you is as follows:

Boot bands
T-shirts (green)
Green PT shorts and sweats (if you have them)
Running shoes
Hygiene Kit, shower shoes, and towel
Socks (black or green)

It is also recommended for non-deploying Marines to bring these uniform items:

Charlie's (with all appropriate ribbons and devices)
Civilian clothes

MARADMIN 511/04 for additional information

Documents to Bring

You will need to bring your orders and all supporting documentation with you. Other items to bring are:

marriage certificate/divorce decree
birth certificates and SSNs of family members
lease/agreement/mortgage information for current residence
addresses for SGLI beneficiaries and Emergency Data points of contact
bank information for direct deposit

Not having all items can delay some of your administrative processing until after you obtain the needed documents.

Deployment Requirements

MARCENT IA Reporting Instructions

If you will be deploying overseas, you will need to complete the Anti-terrorism Level One Class and may need to begin the process for obtaining a security clearance (depending on the billet you are going to fulfill). Below are links to sites that will assist you in achieving both requirements:

Level One Antiterrorism Class/Certification
Marine Forces Pacific Security Manager

Directions to the DPC

Getting to the Deployment Processing Command aboard Camp Pendleton is simple from either the North or the South on the I-5 Freeway:

Get directions to the DPC

Reporting In

Once at Camp Talega, you should report into the DPC in-processing station in Building# 64434.

During the report-in process at the check-in station (Station #1) , the following will occur*:

Orders are endorsed
Check-in sheet is issued
Processing group/SNCO troop handler assigned
Billeting arrangements are made

* If you are scheduled for a physical the following day, you will be told to fast for twelve hours before the scheduled physical time


During processing, your primary duty is to complete all of the processing requirements needed for mobilization. To aid in the process, assigned troop handlers will assist you in coordinating your schedule and assisting you through the various stations. Additionally, daily formations will be held to pass important information.

The actual mobilization processing stations are:


General screening is conducted
Legal appointments made (if required)
Counseling on legal matters is made available


Update direct deposit information
Process advance pay/allotments
Data Collection - print endorsement
Record Book Screening:

  1. RED: Record of Emergency Data
  2. SGLI: Service member's Group Life Insurance
  3. Government Credit Card Form
  4. FSA: Family Separations Allowance
  5. W-4
  6. Residence Confirmation (DD 2058/DD 2058-1) - Dependency Application
  7. DEERS Information Collected (if required)
  8. TRICARE Enrollment
  9. Benefits Waiver
  10. Disclosure Statement (OPNAV 5211/9)
  11. Civilian Occupation Survey Form
  12. Privacy Act (NAVMC 11000)
ID card/tags issued
Exceptions - record discrepancies reviewed/corrected



Transport to/from 52 Area (SOI)
Record Screening/Record Construction
Blood draw
Physical Exam scheduled/conducted
HIV results obtained


Transport to/from 62 Area (San Mateo)
Record Screening/Record Construction
Dental Exam and any needed dental work to bring you to a Class Two status


Inventory gear (782 gear, weapons, etc.)
Get basic issue
Order Name Tapes
Clothing issue: Unserviceable utilities can be traded at the DPC warehouse. You will also have the opportunity to buy or be issued items that you are missing.

Combat Refresher Training (CRT)

Marines designated as Individual Augments with orders to a combat theater will receive a condensed version of basic combat training, called CRT. Specific MOS refresher training will be provided at follow on commands after processing for Marines not designated as Individual Augments.


Complete MCMPS Screens
Collect records & forms
Receive final endorsement


If you have a problem during any of the processing, or regarding anything in general, use your chain of command. Your chain of command during processing is as follows:

S-3 Processing SNCOIC
S-3 Processing Officer
S-3 Officer