Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton


Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

Veterinary Clinic

Mission Statement

The mission of the Camp Pendleton Veterinary Treatment Facility (VTF) is to not only provide complete medical and surgical care for the military working dogs (MWDs), but to also provide high quality veterinary care at a reasonable cost for the pets of our military community. Because our primary attention must be devoted to maintaining the deployability and health of our canine warriors, the MWDs, we are unable to function as a full-service veterinary hospital. In light of our demanding mission with the MWDs, we focus our privately-owned animal (POA) mission on preventive medicine. We offer appointments for vaccinations, microchip implantation, health certificates for travel, wellness exams, and limited sick call. We encourage our clients to call our appointment line for availability of sick call appointments, but also realize that it often may be in the pet's best interest to be seen off-base in emergencies, non-elective surgeries, or cases requiring hospitalization or advanced diagnostics.



We are currently not able to perform surgery on privately owned pets. 

Contact Information & Hours of Operation

Bldg. 20846

Camp Pendleton, CA, 92055

Appointment Line: (760) 725-3439

Fax: (760) 725-3625

Hours of operation are Monday - Friday 0800-1600  Closed Weekends and all holidays

For emergency care please contact:

Oceanside Area - Mission Animal and Bird Hospital 760-433-3763

North of Camp Pendleton - Veterinary Medical and Surgical Group Orange County


South of Camp Pendleton- California Veterinary Specialists (Carlsbad)


VCA North Coast Animal Hospital (Encinitas)


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