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Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

Safety Center

The Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton Safety Center’s mission is to promote the combat readiness of operating forces by providing safety support services. Our goals are to train all Marine Corps Base commands and organizations in occupational safety and health; mishap reduction and Federal Employees' Compensation Act costs through an aggressive safety program, and to exceed the reduction goals set by the Secretary of Defense, and Headquarters Marine Corps Safety Division.

Our customers are Base personnel, the operating forces, extended Marine Families, tenant commands, and occasional Reserve components.

Read the Base Commanding General's Safety Message

Safety Newsletters

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Safety Information

- Car Seat Safety

Bicycle safety

Summer safety brochure

CMC Safety Division Center

Safety Gram June 2012

Our staff and contact information
Director  (760) 725-3475
Deputy Director (760) 763-4610
Admin Officer (760) 763-2443
Ground Safety Manager (760) 725-3673
OSH Supervisor (760) 763-2333
Special Programs Supervisor (760) 763-2367
Tactical Safety Supervisor (760) 763-5332
Traffic Safety Manager (760) 763-5070
Motorcycle Training Site Coordinator (760) 725-2897
Explosives Safety (760) 763-4817