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Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

"The West Coast's Premiere Expeditionary Training Base"
Range and Training Area Management Division (RTAMD)


Range and Training Area Management Division (RTAMD)


The Range and Training Area Management Division is responsible for visioning, planning, program management, and sustainment of Range, Training Areas, and training capabilities aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, to ensure training resources are managed in a coherent, integrated manner. As the Regional Range Manager, RTAMD is also the proponent for all matters pertaining to the oversight and coordination of ranges within the MCI-West AO.


Develops plans and policies for the management and development of MCI West Installations resources.

Monitors and provides technical and operational advice pertaining to all aspects of training-related projects from conception to completion.

Assesses training resource requirements of the operating forces, tenant commands, formal schools, the USMCR, and other USMC users. Applies available, as well as anticipated, resources to clearly defined and validated requirements.

Monitors the introduction of new weapons, ordnance, and equipment into the operating forces and ensures training resource management plans and policies are  provided for their use in training at installations throughout MCI West.

Ensure designs for training facilities and ranges are compatible with current Marine Corps conditions, tasks, and standards at Camp Pendleton..

Manages the Range Working Group Program at Camp Pendleton.

Provides training device technical support and expertise. Determines training device requirements, plans for acquisition, and fielding support at Camp Pendleton.

Range Maintenance Department is responsible for executing limited facility maintenance of ranges, training systems, and training areas aboard the Base.  The Camp Pendleton  Range Complex  is a premiere set of ranges and  training facilities for Marines, other branches of the service and law enforcement agencies.  Maintaining the ranges in an operational state is the number one goal of Range Maintenance.  This maintenance includes. but is not limited to:  Programmatic Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, and emergency services required to maintain  ranges, training systems, or equipment in a ready-for-use condition.  This also includes recurring work such as vegetation removal, mowing, erosion control, range roads and trail maintenance, painting, touch-up painting, sign replacement, gate repairs, public address systems repair, limited concrete and block repair, earthen berm repair, as well as collateral equipment located on ranges and training areas.


Provides life cycle maintenance and sustainment of ranges through a comprehensive maintenance program that includes programmatic, scheduled and corrective maintenance processes.

Contact Information

Director – (760) 725-5007
Deputy Director – (760) 763-7534

Supervisor Range Planner – (760) 725-6010
Range Project Engineer – (760) 725-6106

Regional Range Planner – (760) 763-7803
Range Planner/Environmental - (760) 763-7866
Northern Area Range Planner – (760) 763-7864
Western Area Range Planner – (760) 763-8453
Central Area Range Planner – (760) 763-7867
Eastern Area Range Planner – (760) 763-7863
Range Maintenance Manager – (760) 763-7490
Range Maintenance Specialist – (760) 763-7483
Range Maintenance Shop Supervisor – (760) 763-7491
Northern Area Zone Manager – (760) 763-4391
Central Area Zone Manager – (760) 763- 4391
Eastern Area Zone Manager – (760) 763-4391
Western Area Zone Manager – (760) 763-4391
Range Maintenance Help Desk – (760) 725-4852

Building 220105T
United States Marine Corps
Training Resources Management Division
Box 555021
Camp Pendleton, California 92055-5021