Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton


Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

"The West Coast's Premiere Expeditionary Training Base"
Training Devices Section - Training Support Division

Contact Information:

Training Devices Customer Service: 760-725-6139


Location: MCB Camp Pendleton, 22 Area Bldg 2238 on the corner of 6th and Vandegrift (the same bldg as Combat Camera).

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Minor Training Devices

Target Systems Support:

All Portable Infantry Target Systems, Badgers/ XO2 Simulators, Larues, are no longer requested through Training Support Division. These requests and those for SESAMS, IED Simulators and ITESS equipment are all requested via the contractor website:




1. There is a 24 hour business day period needed to evaluate your request in order to see the availability and perform the equipment preparation process.

2. Individual requesting needs to be qualified in equipment operations and be listed as a qualified person who will pick up and operate the equipment during the training evolution (All Personnel can go through training and hold a Minor Training Device [MTD] card for equipment operations).

3. Individual who is picking up equipment needs to be an E-5/Sgt or above and hold an MTD card. (E-1 thru E-4 may place requests only and provide a qualified name in the comments section for equipment pick-up).

4. If a civilian contractor or non-military end user is picking up he/she needs to be sponsored by a unit authorizing him/her to pick up the gear. That unit POC needs to place the request. (Civilian operator needs to be on the qualified MTD roster)

5. When returning the equipment the same individual who signed-out the equipment needs to return the equipment.

6. During return if there is any missing or damaged equipment a DD 200 form will be filled out in order to begin the command investigation process.

7. Working party and correct government size vehicle for transportation is needed for pick up and drop off. NO POVS. For reservation questions call us at 760-725-4805. For any maintenance issues contact the ESP contractor numbers on your form between the hours of (07:00-16:30) 760-725-4805 (For BES/Targets) or 760-385-5120 (For ITESS, AMTI, SESAMS, T-CREW, T-IED).

Special Notes: Requestor and/or operator name must be listed and hold an MTD card in order to pick up and operate the equipment. If the name of the operator or person picking-up equipment is not on the qualified roster the request will be denied. If you believe your request is going to be denied please call 760-725-4805 or comment on the request that training is needed for the equipment being checked out in order to add training dates and times to your request.